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Strength in Times of Crisis — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you,Lars.That was beautiful and uplifting. God never told us that life would be easy,but He said that He would never leave us or forsake us.I truly believe that.He is my comfort and strength in times of difficulty.

    • Amen! In times like this we must keep holding on. It is in times like these, that the rubber hits the road. We must keep our eyes on Jesus. HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE!

  2. Thanks so very much for sharing your experience. It blessed my soul.

  3. Praise the Lord, brother Lars. What a blessing. I knew just a little of your story at WW when we were there together. I love testimonies. Yours is precious. God is good to us!

  4. Mr Lars,thank God and thank you for those inspiring words. They are much needed at this time. The Lord's continued blessings on you and your family.

  5. Mr. Lars, thank you so much for this inspiring testimony. Thanks for reminding us that even though it's overwhelming, God will be there to comfort us when we need it most.

  6. Great is thy faithfulness oh Jesus.

    Rev 12:11 God people will overcome Satan and his evil works by:
    2. Their testimonies.
    And they will become martyrs for Christ.
    Bro Lars that was a beautiful testimony which brings encouragement to others. God is still real to his people, his power can still be felt in our lives. But we must believe and trust him. He speaks to us in several different ways.
    I like testimonies and everywhere I go I like to talk about Jesus and his power to save, heal, guide, provide, sanctified, etc.
    I pray and ask God to be his friend in my own way. Jesus called many people his friend. But how does people become friends with God?

    I met a woman recently and in conversation she said to me she didn’t sleep lying down in her bed for 15 years, she sleeps in a chair sitting. I told her to pray to Jesus and ask him to help her to sleep. Her reply was for fifteen years she was praying and nothing happened differently. I told her just pray. Why did I told her that I don’t know.
    I saw her after and she said to me. The same night she went to God in prayer and mentioned my name and told God I said to her she must pray and ask him to help her to sleep. I met her after and she told me from that night she is lying down in her bed sleeping. No more chair sleeping for her.
    After that experience she told me she called all her family and friends near and far to let them know about her spiritual experience. Isn’t God good. Our testimonies with God will lead others to experience God for themselves.
    God will use a people who is willing to be use to take the message forward.

  7. Thanks for the beautiful testimony, Lars.

    Mrs. White, my auntie from the Victoria church, lived more than 35 years after that.

    • Wonderful to hear! She was a precious saint. I believe she may have been my Sabbath School teacher at one time when I was young. She was good salt!

      • Yes, she was a teacher by profession. Her husband, my uncle, is still doing well at 99 years of age.

  8. This is a beautiful testimony, thank you. Keep safe all of you and keep the faith

  9. Brother Lars,
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring, heartfelt testimony with us. God be with you and us all.

  10. What a wonderful testimony you've shared! Thank you for including your personal struggles with substance abuse. That reaffirms to me that no matter what God feels we are still worth it and it interceding for us in heaven. What a might God we serve.

  11. Dear Lars,

    Your story gives me courage. You have not mentioned which autoimmune problem you were diagnosed with.
    Thank you for your illustrations and your contributions.
    The story was excellent.

  12. Thank you so very much Lars for sharing this inspiring testimony, it has encouraged me today, exactly what I needed to hear at a time like this. May God continue to bless you and your family as you serve Him daily.

  13. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Lars. 🙂 I believe it demonstrates that God watches over each of us, even when we stray, and He is more than willing to answer our prayers when we put ourselves in a position to receive the answers.

    First of all, I appreciate the reminder that our Creator can deliver us from fearfulness if we will seriously wrestle with Him as did Jacob and submit ourselves to Him as He did. Then "The peace and comfort from making God’s unconditional love your own is beyond words."

    Secondly, I am particularly impressed that, young as you were, you took action and did all the right things to put yourself in a position where you could receive God's healing. (This is not to say that God won't help those who can't help themselves, but when He provides the means to put ourselves in a better health position, it seems to me that we are in a better position to receive His healing when we use them.)

    I noticed that you employed the simplest natural remedies God makes available for each of us:
    1) Prayer and trust in God
    2) Sunshine
    3) Good nutrition from a plant-based diet.
    4) Temperance (Only 2 meals at regular times. We now know from science how important regularity and cooperation without our circadian rhythm is.)
    5) Exercise. (Considering your physical situation, I count your going to the chapel two or three times a day as exercise.)

    You didn't mention some of the other simple natural remedies: water (both inside and out), fresh air, and abstaining from harmful substances. But I'm guessing you had those covered as best you could.

    These same natural remedies still work today and are still accompanied by God's blessings. They build a healthy immune system which can ward off nasty new viruses, whatever they are.

    I am so very glad you are still with us to bless us with beautiful lesson covers each quarter and black-and-white images at the beginning of each week's lesson. Since I prepare inside art for publication online, I get to view the images in much higher resolution than our viewers do and can better appreciate them. Nevertheless, on a desktop computer, the images still show up better than in the printed lessons, I think. 🙂

    Again, thank you for your beautiful art, and thank you for sharing this timely message!

  14. Good Morning! I must say this testimony was everything. For many years I saw you and/or your wife’s name’s as illustrators on “My Little Friend” & other periodicals. Because I love art, I always wondered who you were. This testimony gives me a peek into your character and now I know where’s there’s no test, there’s no testimony!
    Amen—-Jesus is simply Awesome.

  15. I needed your story this morning. A reminder that we are all going through our own challenges and sometimes feel as though we are alone and lost in the struggle. God will help each of us differently. He is always there to help. Thank you

  16. Lars, what a wonderful story of your life, one that truly implies that the Lord is ALWAYS there, even in the darkest hours. My name is Gwen Lewis-Offenback-Howard and think it was your father we went to Broadview Academy with, William Justinen. Unfortunately, six weeks ago I just lost my second husband, but your words are so assuring that God will keep me in the palm of His hand. God bless you as you share your beautiful artistry with others.

  17. Thank you for your testamony. "Our confession of God's faithfulness is heaven's chosen agency to reveal Christ to the world." So blesed to see Jesus through your words. I am touched by your transparency with struggle in addiction. So relevent in this crisis of lock-down. We humans so look for comfort. It is all in Jesus. blessings to you Brother and those who have shared your journey.

  18. Thank-you Lars, your testimony will forever be a blessing to my wife and I.

  19. Thank you so much for your testimony Lars. I was indeed inspired. I believe God sends blessings like these when we need it most. May God bless you and family.

  20. Dear Lars (and your sweet family), thank you so much for sharing this lovely encouraging message. Personal testimony is such a powerful witness.
    I say: Thank You, Lord, for protecting and blessing Lars and his family. Please continue to richly bless their business as it touches the hearts of many.
    P.S. I am signed up on your web site and use your lovely art on my own outreach web site that I'm working on right now.