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  1. Apparently He who covered Lucifer with “every precious stone” to reflect the Creator’s glory appreciates physical beauty more than mortals who get excited over the marred versions of beauty on display in Hollywood and the fashion stages (Ezekiel 28:12-13). Disfigured faces and spoiled shapes are normal on Earth, but out of place in God’s Universe.

    Somehow Lucifer’s affections became diverted from his Maker to the precious stones, his own beauty, his masterful intellect and his other lofty attributes, all blessings from the Creator (Ezekiel 28:13-14). This marked a turning point in the relationship between created beings and their blessings. The serpent introduced the profane principle to humans (Matthew 4:8-10).

    Today some may not understand why precious stones might be a problem or they may overestimate their ability to rightly relate to the glittering ornaments (1 Peter 3:3-4). The same is the case with the deceitfulness of other riches (Mark 4:19) or undue focus on intellectual prowess and titles (Proverbs 23:4; Jeremiah 9:23).

    Unfortunately any prophet, minister or simple believer who dares to raise a concern about the dangers of the above may be more readily seen as a modern Pharisee than a preacher of righteousness. Preach anyway. Until there is a better understanding of the depravity of the human nature and its propensities some may never appreciate the Spirit’s caution against some things.

    The wise accept the counsel of the Spirit while they grow, and until their understanding catches up. Any who is too afraid of missing out on ‘fun’ and recognition in this life increases the risk of missing out on the next life (John 12:25).

    Soon the Redeemer will restore beauty to its rightful place with the appropriate appreciation; and the affections of the redeemed will be rightly directed, trained on the One who died to set them free from self-absorption (Revelation 21:18-21).

    • Woooow thank you for the bold and insightful sentiments. May God give us courage to appreciate beauty in simplicity.?

  2. May the Holy Spirit help me to see more clearly the Loving &Wise Character of God in the way He (God) handles the whole situation of sin in the world and in me but also to the whole universe, through these lessons. God bless

  3. We must remain humble, and not flatter ourselves w.righteousness or act better than others. As Servants of God, or Children.of God we sbould not try to think that because we are saved are better than.anyone who is currently sinning. Equality,be prepaired in Christ and always be of good heart.

  4. At this time and age, when the devil's thousands of years' of well-planned evil ambitions are begining to bear fruit, God's call through this message here for me to search myself and be attuned with Heaven is timely. Thank you Lord.

  5. We was created for two purpose, one to serve the creator, and two to enter into his kingdom, but we find ourselves servings the creture, and seems to be comfortable with it, but god says we should not have no other gods besides him. Because he is a jealous god, arn't we not believing in the promise of God? If not we will perish in our sins!!!

  6. Sunday's lesson is a great warning to the saints of God to learn to be humble
    in life if we want to stay in the favour of the Almighty
    Let's give Him paise and adoration for our our talents, abilities and beauties.

  7. It is only God's spirit dwelling in us that will enable us to trust Him to steer us away from the follies and ambitions of this life. May we look to Christ our Redeemer for the strength to avoid being puffed up with the positions and possessions of this life. This life is a fleeting moment, a dash. Let's willing share our time and possessions in His service. God bless all who strive in the Master's service.

  8. Satan uses the intellect he was bestowed by the Creator and only God to sway and entice us to be proud individuals. James1:12-14 is a favourite text of mine and I apply it to today's lesson. His years of experience and observation of the human mind he uses in ways, if we are not spiritually observant, we would fall to his subtle devices. Our human minds lust after beauty and intellect, especially when we are praised for these attributes. I continue to plead with the Father to let me humble myself before Him and my fellow man. My prayer is that my focus will stay on Christ and His lifestyle. I do not want to be swayed by any temptation Satan and his imps put before me. I continue to ask for the eyesalve, the wisdom and understanding of Heaven to give glory to God in all things.

    • Excellent. It is no wonder then, that the human tendency [or habit] is to lean on our own understanding, using it to support ourselves in our own devices. All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, are susceptible to pride, and if that is our main weakness, we need to be oh so observant - constantly on guard - recognizing the times we are prone to it; recognizing the signs when it is beginning to rise up / work in us. Hopefully we are engaged in the "good fight of faith" (1Tim 6:12), and not in that poor fight for supremacy and prestige.

  9. I wished all read the bible and understood it, It clearly depicts what is happening in world since creation and it is getting worse at our present time.We have been warned of the dangers of being beautiful and rich. Nobody will not want to look good and also hear people talking good about them. But what does the Bible warn us regarding this two, "they were the origin of sin." Meaning we're risking being trapped in sin if the two will be our goals.Only in the bible you will find this wonderful information. (How often to you read your Bible) God bless.

  10. Dear Lord pls help us to be humble and submit to your words, because before every fall there is pride. God pls help us live by your words and doers as well but not just listeners. This is my humble prayers.

  11. Lord help me to be humble with what I have learn about your word. Know that we are all subject to pride and when we believe we are more than what we are we are and will fall. Help us all.

  12. These passages of scripture depict the utter fall from perfection of Lucifer, who was without our inherited tendencies. So how much more are we in danger of this catering to pride, which leads to coveting; the root of all sin against God? When "I" is the focus and not the true Sovereign, "I" works to take the place that only God can correctly rule for our best interest. Once we reject God, we can only fall into perdition at last.


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