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  1. Some might liken the Holy Spirit's work to the work of a bulldozer. The bulldozer simply does what is motivated to do. The Holy Spirit could not be properly likened to the bulldozer or to the powertrain of the bulldozer which motivates the bulldozer but might be likened more to the driver of the bulldozer, the one who motivates the whole machine for a particular purpose or use.

    The Love of God is the most powerful motivation in the universe. It can produce the character of God in human beings. The Holy Spirit is the source of God's Love within us. In us, He can move mountains and He can change our world and the universe.

  2. Holy Spirit is instilled in a person. The person speaks through the word of mouth for has people to understand the message that has been sent to comfort, and even warn.like in Deuteronomy 18:18(the word will be put in to a peoples mouth and this words are from God through Holy Spirit) as it happens in my Church one can say something that is coming or which is happening already through his mouth but if you can ask this person what he or she said they cant recall at all meaning that the words were not his own but God sent words.

    • I am not really sure what you mean by "instilled", Aduda. The Holy Spirit can certainly give us ideas about what to speak about. However I see nothing to suggest that a speaker, inspired bu the Holy Spirit, knows nothing about what he is saying.

      You proposal sounds like verbal inspiration. I am sure that the Holy Spirit gives us ideas and leaves it to us to put the ideas into words,

      • Ellen White often had no conscious knowledge of what she said during some of her visions. Consequently, she declined to participate in the discussions that followed because she had no idea what she herself said.

        In essence, she didn't hear the words that were revealed through her by the Holy Spirit.

        • Yes I am aware of some of that, but I think they were special cases. Eg The visions that convinced Joseph Bates.

    • God does not use people like puppets. The Bible does not ever mention people not knowing what they are saying when the Holy Spirit inspires them. Look at Acts 2, the disciples knew that they were glorifying God. The Holy Spirit inspired them and translated their words into other languages so the other people could understand.

    • No. In the KJV the term Holy Ghost outnumbers Holy Spirit. Most of the references to the Holy Spirit or Spirit occur in a context where the term Holy Ghost is used as well, obviously referring to a single entity.

  3. The Holy Spirit never treats us like a robot,he only does that with donkeys. One who is responsive to God is easly influenced by him by choice. When you fall in love with someone you do not wish to just do as little as you have to, of what is expected of you. Much rather, you naturally yearn to do even more then what is requested of you. Love makes you funny that way.

  4. Jesus and God the Father are in heaven so there's comfort in knowing God is with me personally, as scripture says He's in me working out God's will in my life.

    I can trust Him with teaching, comforting, loving, protecting and helping me with life circumstances as they arise.

    • There are instances in the Bible when the Holy Spirit took recognizable physical forms. For example at Jesus' baptism, the Holy Spirit appeared as a dove and in the upper room at Pentecost, as a flame.

  5. I have a question. Now that Christ is in heaven with dual personalities: Divine and Human-is He limited to be found everywhere as does the Holy Spirit? Could it be the reason why the Comforter had to come to be everywhere at the same time?
    Thank you

    • "Numerically distinct" is an expression I had not read before. I think it refers, in this case, to another distinct person with the same characteristics. But in other cases it might refer to another distinct object with the same characteristics.

  6. The Holy Spirit, is none other than the Spirit of Jesus Christ himself. How could a different being other than Jesus comfort me if that separate being has not gone thru what Jesus went thru as a human?

    "The holy Spirit is the comforter, as the personal presence of Christ to the soul." (Ellen G. White, Review and Herald, November 29, 1892)

    "What we want is the spirit of Jesus. When we have this, we shall love one another. Here are the credentials that we are to bear: 'By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. We need to pray more; and when we have Christ abiding in the soul, HIS SPIRIT in me will harmonize with HIS SPIRIT in you; and he who controls our minds, controls also the heavenly intelligences, and they co-operate with us." (The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, p. 903)

  7. I Like or I should say I love the fact that the Holy Spirit is a person or has a personality not just a silent force. if it was just a silent force how would he know what we need and were we lack.

    But since the Holy Spirit Is a person we know he also can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities for he also is like Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour


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