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  1. God’s word is called the living word because when He speaks it shall be.

    This also is how it is that it is "impossible for God to lie." It is not impossible for God to lie only because He will not, but also because He cannot. And He cannot lie, just because He cannot. It is impossible. And it is impossible, because when He speaks, the creative energy is in the word spoken, so that "the word only" causes the thing to be so.

    Man may speak a word and it not be so. Thus, man can lie, for to speak what is not so is to lie. And man can lie, can speak what is not so, because there is no power in his word itself to cause the thing to be. With God this is impossible; He cannot lie, for "he spake, and it was"; He speaks, and it is so.

    This is also how it is that when the word of God is spoken for a certain time, as in a prophecy for hundreds of years to come when that time actually has arrived, that word is fulfilled. And it is then fulfilled, not because, apart from the word, God does something to fulfill it, but because the word was spoken for that time, and in it is the creative energy which causes the word at that time to produce the thing spoken.

    The conception of the Word being born of a woman spoken in the garden of Eden kept in the womb of this sinful earth came forth at the darkest part of the humanity (400 years of darkness when no prophetic words were spoken on this earth) to shed forth the light of redemption germinated at the garden of Eden.

    Therefore, do not doubt, do not despair, do not be despondent, do not diminish the Word of God. He who said, I will come quickly, will come, will not tarry.

    Lessons on Faith – A.T. Jones & E.J. Waggoner page 10

  2. Lesson is starting off very well. What I like about the uniqueness of the bible, I ask all to give consideration to the following understanding (and let me know if I am wrong in my consideration, please):

    1. True, the focus on the bible is about Jesus. But the bible is not about Jesus, it's about us; and

    2. The bible reflects us not looking for Jesus, but Jesus looking for us.

    Uniqueness in no other book duplicating this. Please critique. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the comment because it made me think.
      The focus on the bible is about Jesus.
      In the beginning was the Word tells me it's all about Jesus.
      If the focus was on us, we would have been created on the first day. Because the focus is on the love of God for us, we are created in the end of all creation. This should have allowed our parents to turn to Him in their sinfullnesinss, However, sin by nature looks at self.
      2) Sin is like a black hole where even light cannot escape its force. How would man on his own escape its gripes and turn to God. Therefore, on your second statement you are absolutely correct we did not want God because Adam had already justified his action and Eve had an answer for her action. We were not looking for a savior. We did not recognize our need. This is villness of satan. He makes you thing you are good enough. Isn't there people who are much worse than you. Its not about measuring up to others. Its about be ye holy as I am holy. Be ye perfect as I am perfect. If you want to measure yourself against Me it must be perfect and holy. I am perfect and holy In Christ Jesus. Praise God.
      Hound of Heaven By Francis Thompson

      This is my opinion agree to disagree

  3. The bible is the epic story of God's unfailing love reaching out to restore His perfect image in us. This is a display to the university of the extent to which Our Heavenly Father Will go to save one lost planet.

  4. Ps 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

    I turned to look for the Advent people in the world, but could not find them—when a voice said to me, “Look again, and look a little higher.” At this I raised my eyes and saw a straight and narrow path, [Matthew 7:14.] cast up high above the world. On this path the Advent people were travelling to the City, which was at the farther end of the path. They had a bright light set up behind them at the first end of the path, which an angel told me was the Midnight Cry. [Matthew 25:6.] This light shone all along the path, and gave light for their feet so they might not stumble. And if they kept their eyes fixed on Jesus, who was just before them, leading them to the City, they were safe. But soon some grew weary, and they said the City was a great way off, and they expected to have entered it before. Then Jesus would encourage them by raising his glorious right arm, and from his arm came a glorious light which waved over the Advent band, and they shouted Hallelujah! Others rashly denied the light behind them, and said that it was not God that had led them out so far. The light behind them went out leaving their feet in perfect darkness, and they stumbled and got their eyes off the mark and lost sight of Jesus, and fell off the path down in the dark and wicked world below. It was just as impossible for them to get on the path again and go to the City, as all the wicked world which God had rejected. They fell all the way along the path one after another, until we heard the voice of God like many waters, [Ezekiel 43:2. Joel 3:16. Revelation 16:17.] {WLF 14.2} [Ellen White, "A Word to the Little Flock"]

  5. God cannot lie because He is Truth and the Truth is the antithesis to lies. He is Love which is the antithesis to hatred.
    If we stay 'under His wings' (trusting in Him and obeying without necessarily understanding) all things will work together for our good. We need not fear but have absolute trust.
    Time after time I'm proving Him, to my delight. In each seemingly insurmountable problem, if I pass it onto Him and refuse to trouble myself about it, He works it out. Where I take it back into my own hands the results are not always pretty.
    "Taste and see that the Lord is good!"

  6. I guess my understanding is different in thinking that the very first words are usually the most important(such as the sermon on the mount beginning with the Beatitudes). Moses' first words, found in Genesis 1: "In the beginning God...". Doesn't this set the solemn and sacred tone for all that follows? His last words have little meaning without this beginning as I view it.

    In the end, all will realize that obedience to God's word is not a vain thing. Sadly for most, it will be too late.

  7. How have you experienced for yourself the truth about how obedience to God’s Word is “not a vain thing” for you? Why is faith in God and obedience to His Word never in vain?

    I know that my life has changed for the better following God’s word, and when we falter it enables us to clearly see the repercussions.


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