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Sunday: Paul’s Own Hand — 6 Comments

  1. There are a quite a lot of theories as to why Paul spoke regarding his writing in large letters, but one thing I can add is possibly there were a few fake letters circulating and Paul wanted to give authenticity to this particular letter to the Galatians (Modern Day Turkey)

  2. I think Paul wrote 14 books that are in the New Testament . Paul was well qualified to communicate by pen the majority of record as he wished and was able. The speculation regarding how some of the physical impairments occurred is left to imagination. When we consider the shipwrecks and other unusual events such as being chained in Rome for years, was more than the average person would endure. The Damascus experience was the beginning of his relationship with God that inspired all the books he wrote in the New Testament.

  3. I tend to agree the bold letters are for emphasis just like we would raise our voices ( to our children) when we want to be very clear and lovingly stern.

    But really it doesn't matter because his words has survived and are still blessing our hearts in 2017

  4. I agree with Marcia. The large letters are for emphasis. Because as said unlike other letters, only to the Galatians that he has strained relationship but he's caring and he loves the Galatians. Adding more words by his hands is such enough proof that he really cares and even made an emphasis by writing it with big letters.

  5. I agree to my fellow brethren and sistes' comments, i think Paul's intention was primarily emphasize his points to Galatians & to us as well. For example in Habbakuk 2:2 God instructs the prophet to write a visible vision that he runs may read it : here like Paul's case God intends that everyone may see the seriourness of the warnings He gives through His servants

  6. We might also want to consider that in the ancient world, writing and reading were separate skills- good legible writing took lots of training and practice. Just because Paul could read doesn't mean he knew how to write well, so he could just be ill practiced at forming letters. Which doesn't stop him from making a point at the same time, of course.


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