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Sunday: The Preachers Pay a Price — 9 Comments

  1. We should not be upset, jealous, envy, dismay or discourage when we meet oppositions or persecution while preaching the truth i.e words of God, instead let us be of good cheer and be glad because it motivates, empowers, and strengthens us in the faith we have in Christ Jesus. As we do so God's grace will be upon us, AMEN!

  2. Jealousy handcuffs God, thus preventing Him from doing for us the very thing or things of which we are envious. Please cleanse our hearts, Jesus.

  3. This lesson brings out an important message to all the churchs in the world today. WE, as believers, have the Word of God to teach truth not error. It has been prophesied that in the last days men will change the laws of God. Men need to study for themselves like the Thessalonians did to show truth .

  4. Eish I dont know, am I a real Christian? Am I preaching the word of God? We all have to ask ourselves that question. See the prices that these preachers paid, it's not only Paul and Silas, Jesus Christ hinself paid a price, John the baptist yes, John the Revelator how about Peter! Oh my God I think I have to step up my reaching out as a Christian. I am not doing enough when it comes to spreading the word! I think as a Christian I need to have a Crusade at least once a year so that the word of God may go all dimensions.


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