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  1. "the historicist method of prophetic interpretation is the correct way to understand the prophecies’ intended fulfillment because they follow the flow of history, from the prophet’s time to the end of the world."

    I believe that statement is exceedingly important as we begin the study of Revelation.

    The historicist method lays the foundation for understanding the book, yet it is hugely rejected by the majority of Christians in their study of Revelation.
    Not so long ago it WAS the principle method by which Protestants studied the books of Daniel and Revelation. It generated the Protestant movement, as well as the Adventist movement.

    Yet, now futurism seems to have taken the field and has even invaded into some Adventist circles.

    Yes, Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ, not just the final scenes of earth's history, but is all about His work from the cross to the restoration.
    It reveals how the people of earth respond throughout that whole time, how the forces try to obliterate Christ and His work for us, from the minds of the people.
    It covers the scenes in heaven of Christ beginning His work in the "holy place" and shows how later He moves into the most Holy Place when "the time of judgment has come", and it shows Christ coming again! There are no gaps.

  2. I really appreciate this site
    More specially the powerpoint presentation on the details and explanation of the lesson
    God bless you more

  3. Adventist HOPE is when we look back to the FINISHED WORK done on our behalf IN CHRIST. The book of Revelation predicted the attitudes of all humanity towards Christ and His Siamese Twin Message (The Commandments of God and The Faith of Jesus Christ/Everlasting Gospel )


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