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  1. Is there any literal comparison to the events of the conversion of Saul of tarsus? I know of no one that has had this type of experience,that was created by the most powerful, Holy God, in existence. The story of the Damascus road, a light brighter than the sun, being struck down like the end of life, having a conversation with Jesus, dramatic beyond our finite imagination. We may wonder, is there any application such as this to our lives? Do we feel the urging of the Holy Spirit to lead us to a specific need? Do we suffer Spiritual blindness? God help us!

    • I think we need to understand that for many of us the realisation of salvation grows rather than knocks us off our feet. I know of people who have had "knock them of the feet" epiphanies who no longer have any faith at all. Which reminds us that we come to our understanding in different ways. There is no one way of understanding, and coveting the way others have come to their realisation of faith is often not all that productive.

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing "Teaching plan". It has been a real blessing for me to help me lead out the sabbath class.
    However, I hope that the lesson will come sooner rather than later. This week I think was the latest, on Sabbath itself. It is over by the time the plan reaches me. Please send earlier if it's possible. Thank you

    • We rely on volunteers to provide these notes. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over. We apologize when this happens and ask for your patience.


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