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  1. As always, thank you.

    I have been sending encouragement to a church member who asked the group for prayer dealing with a problem at work, and I often include a reference to a hymn in my daily text. Having a song on our minds often helps when battling the daily trials of life.

    I told him that the hymn I sent today wasn’t my favorite but I often find myself whistling it (my singing voice is a joyful “noise” but I love to whistle). He replied that it had him whistling it also, which he said was so much better than the alternative.

    I will start sending references to hymns tied to the lesson as you have them listed, both for encouragement and to add depth to his preparation for the weeks he teaches.


    • Hi Gale
      Praise the Lord for your special ministry.
      It is good to hear that the Lord is providing what is needed for you to give encouragement to church members.
      Keep The Faith, and keep strength and courage in Jesus.
      Blessings to you


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