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  1. The Everlasting Covenant is -
    The LORD says:
    I will be your God,
    you will be My people,
    and I will dwell with you!

    It is found through out the Word of the LORD from Genesis to Revelation.

    All the Divine Covenants are subsets of the Everlasting Covenant of Love.

    When I understand the Everlasting Covenant I will understand the character of the LORD, it explains all His actions in nutshell!

  2. I do suspect that The Desire of Ages or if you prefer Jesus, our Messiah, Saviour, Prince of Peace... will be an integral part of our study this quarter. Not just a study on the covenant, but a discovery how the Son of God is involved in the covenant we are studying. The Desire of Ages is why we are ready for this. Yes for those interested there will be plenty of history, science, and philosophy.

    • Heaven begins here and now with Jesus! And there is no scripture that refers to "The Desire of Ages." This is a title that comes from a book EGW authored with that title. The Bible refers to "The Desire of Nations."

  3. JN Andrews: 1829-1883
    Gerhard Hasel: 1935-1994
    Hasel could not have been Andrews professor as the brief bio note at the end of the introduction states.

    • John Nevins Andrews Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology is the post/position held by Dr. Hasel, It does not mean that Dr. Hasel taught him. Dr. Hassel was serving as the first John Nevins Andrews Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology when he died.

  4. I look forward to the “invigorating” panel discussions. Have used this as an excellent resource as l prepare to facilitate lesson study every Sabbath. Thank you very much !


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