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  1. This is why we need leaders: Pastors,Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses and all heads of departments in the World Church and in every local congregation to know what the message is about. You can't give direction and you don't know the location your subject needs to get to yourself. We have been changing the direction of Christ's love too much. Phi.2:2,3 and Gal: 2:11-14 clearly points us to two things:

    1. The unity of the message, Gal 2:1-5 the unchanging nature and steadfastness
    2. Leadership strength, and unchanging knowledge that the message is needed today. EG White , reminds us that we need leaders who are as needle to the pole. There are times when tough decisions have to be made but they must be made. After 14 years Paul had to go back and face those who insist on teaching things which are not salvation.
    How many of our leaders have this Paul like strength to face those in our church who teach error and sow division?

    Finally! Church leaders have a key role in steering the gospel message from the challenges Bro. Paul faced The time is coming again when we will have to be like, William Tyndale, Martin Luther. John Hus and many serving faithfully in far fetch lands across the world today who goes out and share their faith and are not sure to see tomorrow, because they are persecuted for the faith they are sharing. UNITY, KNOWLEDGE and LEADERSHIP are absolutely vital components of the SDA church today as Paul reminds us.


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