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  1. There is always a feeling of uniqueness that people tend to attach to themselves especially in matters of religion(beliefs and customs). These Jews sought that uniqueness. They wanted that distinction and the pride that comes with it, a factor that in some instances would make them feel superior to their gentile neighbors. It might not have been perceived in that way and at that time, but deep down there, the issue of identity and uniqueness was the driving force, one that threatened the revealing of Christ to the gentiles and instead promoted the Jewish beliefs and cultures. And so is the church these days especially when certain ideas are brought in by the so called "young in faith". I have witnessed such things as quarrels and disagreements over the order of service, over who is bigger, the pastor or the elder, over when camp meeting should be held and where and so many such things that seem not to auger well with the gospel we are to preach. Such disagreements are anticipated much as they should be dealt with cautiously lest we loose direction and get lost. In fact, they simply lengthen our stay here and as we murmur and complain (like the Israelites in the wilderness), we loose focus and direction. May we learn from this so that we can be able to triumph over what derails us from the course set by our savior Jesus Christ.

  2. When we strenght our relationship with Jesus, we always get answers! Even to the trickest doubt... Silence may reflect a question for us to think about a little longer... Or to stop thinking...

  3. In fact, I love this lesson soo much. CONFLICT WITHIN THE CHURCH. We are exploring the conflicts and oppositions faced by the new entrants into Christ church by the starters or some Jews within. They refusing to comprehend the mission of Christ caused them to behave in that way. I just want to develop an idea from today's lesson as I share. What are some of the conflicts on the other way round, taking place in our church.

    Just recently in Ghana, a topical question has been under a hot argument or discussion among many of the Adventists youth about THE CHARACTER OF GOD. Whether God destroys directly or not. It seems like an unending subject. This has divided the youth into two as they discuss this topic, not as in hatred .

    In some of the local churches, if you make mention of head covering as not a doctrine of Christ to be imposed on believers in the church, it will be hot issue among some elders of the church. We all need to study the Bible with prayer and read the SOP and by that God will definitely lead us to know Him more.

    May God be our help in Jesus name.

    • Larte, you have brought up a couple good examples showing us how culture and tradition can influence our understanding of doctrine. That is why we all need to be careful. And like the character of God question, while it is sin that kills that is one aspect of truth, but not the whole truth. It wasn't just sin that killed in the days of Noah, it was also the flood. We need to always remember to look at the big picture.

  4. It's not rare even today to see how traditions and denominational habits have become intertwined with doctrine. Some not only teach these things as requirements for salvation but at times are guilty of ostracizing and rejecting people using them.

    In addition to these legalistic practices many add bias and bigotry to their practice of religion.

    What we see and can learn from the early church in Antioch is when the Spirit of God is involved there is unity of purpose not 'uniformity'. It seems that often many get the two mixed up.


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