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  1. My faith has given me life! My faith has saved me from death! I was much more beaten up by my own choices, following my own ways, than after I accepted Jesus as my Lord! The blows I receive now are pationate, lovely, always for the build up of my character! Yes, I may suffer now, but I can always find a safe place to hide, at the arms of my Maker!

  2. In the context of the whole book of Galatians I find chapter 5:16 "This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh" being the principle Paul is talking about. Walk in the Spirit means a living connection with Christ. It implies every moment activity with Christ. Our thought, our talk, our behavior should be as breath is to the body.
    "and ye shall not fulfil the last of flesh" means the life of Christ in us is the only protection against falling into temptations. We will be tempted by His life in us is our shield.

    • And even if we do fall into temptation, God promises in 1 John 1:9 and 2:1,2 that all we have to do then is to confess and he will not only forgive but also cleanse from what we failed at.

  3. What has my faith \"cost me\"?
    Where to begin...
    I was born to a christian woman. A very zealous one at that. We, my brothers and I, grew up in a sticked Christian environment where the rules made for a very restricted life. My \"friends\" at school or church laughed at my way of dressing, my hair, my diction (mom read to us from the Bible Story Books and the diction stuck). But most of all I couldn\'t seem to keep my mouth shut and therefore I was always talking about God. Did I mention I attended a school that was 98% Catholic?
    What did it cost me????
    I had no friends, I was bullied, I was ostracized, and beat up daily wether it was physically or mentally. When I was 15 my mother send me to a christian school. I was thrilled!!!!! Only, I noticed that I was still the outcast. The majority of students attending this school were wealthy and connected. I was the poor church mouse on scholarship.
    By the age of 16 I begged for God to take me out of this miserable, and self destructive.
    What did it cost me? I can show you physical scares inflicted by those kids. The psychological scars are worse.
    The question is however, why am I still here?
    He payed it all
    He would rather die than live without me
    He had a plan
    Now as an adult I see what he needed me to see
    I will follow
    For them who He sets before me to guide
    to lift up his cross and follow


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