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  1. Having been involved in education as both a student and teacher for most of my life, it won't come as a surprise that I have a deep interest in learning and development. I have a drawer somewhere full of testamurs, certificates and academic records, but perhaps the one that I appreciate the most is not mine. It belongs to my mother and is the certificate that she received for completing her primary school education. It is the highest academic award my mother ever received, but it is this woman that taught me more than anyone else. By the time I started my formal education, she had taught me most of the seriously important things of life.

    I thought of the irony of that fact when I graduated with my PhD and gave my mother a copy of my thesis. She did not understand a word of it, but on the other hand, she had taught me so much more. That has always given me a perspective on true education.

    A few years ago I attended a conference on electronic education and one of the lead sessions was about how much educational information was available free through the Internet. In the question session that followed, a professor from Monash University, who was sitting next to me asked the speaker what was the role of universities given the availability of so much free education. The speaker fobbed off the question with a rather mundane observation and in one of those moments that come to you with blinding insight that surprised me, I leaned over to the Monash professor and said, "The real purpose of Universities is to teach students how to detect garbage!" (I actually used a different word for garbage but it might be misunderstood in an international discussion). The Monash professor agreed with me. There is much that wears the "Education" label that is garbage and we do our students a disservice if we do not teach them to test what they are learning.

    And when it comes to our spiritual education we too need to detect garbage. All too often we think of spiritual education as teaching the doctrines. Most churches have a formal indoctrination process that involves justifying their doctrines. If you study the catechism then you will know what they believe. Anyone can learn a catechism and get the answers right, but spiritual education should not be about just getting the answers right but living in a relationship with Jesus. That is why what my mother taught me was so important.

  2. Absolutely, I agree Maurice, there must be a balance between a relationship with Jesus and a knowledge of His character and Plan of Salvation, between heart matters and head knowledge, between feeling and knowing.
    Which brings me to a recurring question of mine, how do we pass on to our children (and others) the love of Jesus in addition to a knowledge of Jesus.
    I spent 6 years at various levels at church boarding schools and learned to be 'good' by obeying the rules whether I agreed with them or not.
    I learned the true meaning of self sacrificing love from my Mother without understanding that it originated from her relationship with the LORD.
    So I have struggled to explain how to have a relationship with Jesus. Can anyone help me?

    • I understand the confusion between "being good" for academy and spirituality. And one of my greatest regrets is that I did not make as much effort to explaining the difference to students within my area of influence. There are of course academy rules that are simply necessary because of the situation and we were not particularly good at differentiating (or combining) social necessity and Christianity.

      How do we pass it on the love of Jesus to our children? By living it! If we start from the perspective that Christianity is a living experience and not just a set of rules to be obeyed then I believe the Holy Spirit will be able to work through us much more effectively.

      One thing we do need to realise is that our children have freedom of choice, just as we do. And some of our children will exercise that choice in ways that we would not. We are not asked to brainwash or coerce our children into the Kingdom of God but to invite them.

    • More importantly it is how you live and then when someone ask you your just telling your story . What is your story what is your life ? That’s what is so moving about it because it’s your so and it’s personal .

  3. The value of education can mean different things. To some people, value may mean how much they can earn. Others may see the value of education as the amount of job opportunities they will have after graduation. For some, value could mean something different, such as the social benefits one may get from having an education.

    “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” —Nelson Mandela
    Ezra understood this principle long before Nelson Mandela.

    "The power to discriminate between right and wrong we can possess only through individual dependence upon God. Each for himself is to learn from Him through His word. Our reasoning powers were given us for use, and God desires them to be exercised. "Come now, and let us reason together" (Isaiah 1:18), He invites us. In reliance upon Him we may have wisdom to "refuse the evil, and choose the good." Isaiah 7:15; James 1:5." Education Page 231

    Education is the process by which people give moral values to each other.


    Featuring vampires,dragons,ghosts,fairies,witches and sorcerers.

    Where the kids become familier with the magicians,astrologers and wise men of the world just like Ezra did in Medo-persia.

    The devil himself is the teacher and the school is located right in your living room.

    Children are brain washed to love witchcraft. They are encouraged to develop 'friendships 'with other worldly spirit beings. They are taught to enjoy and laugh about sinful things.

    Some of the courses offered are:


    Sofia wears an amulet! This encourages our children to wear 'good luck charms.'
    Celdic the royal magician practices MAGIC. Magic is a prayer answered by Satan.
    Children are taught that Celdic's spells and portions are harmless.


    Kids are taught that things they might think are scary are really not. They are taught to lie to get out of tight spots and to keep secrets.
    They learn how to play and interact with the dead.

    3. PJ MASKS

    They are taught to be rude and calling names. They learn how to display 'powers '


    They are taught to believe violence is 'natural.' They get the message, " I can blow him up with explosives , kill and spill blood and be happy and content.
    After being entertained by violence these kids feel nothing when you tell them what happened at Calvary.

    5. Alladin

    They are taught that it is ok to steal.
    They learn about ginie. A teaching from our muslim brothers that some of the evil spirits are good.


    They are taught to worship the ancestors.


    A war of ideology between Buddhism and Christianity.

    8. Ice Age.

    Teaches evolution theory.

    9. PETER PAN

    Teaches about NEVERLAND a place where do what you want is the rule of the day.

    10. OTHERS

    SPONGE BOB - homosexuality
    BEN 10- powers
    DOC MCSTUFFINS- Lesbianism
    SPIDERMAN- Cruel schemes.
    Just to mention a few.

    .....how much good is it going to do to our kids?

    Does Christ feel good when watching these things?

    • I agree we you completely. As parents we encourage these fantasies by buying books, toys, bed sheets and blankets, clothing, ect.,for our children. Even I am wearing a Tinker Bell shirt today! We need to study and learn more of what other people are teaching our children and what we ourselves are teaching them also. Just because it's cute, doesn't make it right!

    • While much of what you say is true, Cyrus, pointing out the issue is the easy bit. In the face of media domination, we need to be proactive in filling the void. It is essential that we fill our children’s lives with activities that not only turn their attention away from the themes of the secular media but encourage healthy active lifestyles.

  5. Today's society needs men and women, boys and girls that set their hearts to learn and do and teach others the will of God. As God gave Ezra favor before a foreign king to restore Jerusalem (God's worship system - God's people set up as light and salt in a dark world)so also shall we find favor even where it is least expected as we endeavor to take the word everywhere. May we avail ourselves to God, though vessels of clay, He will make us vessels of gold, for His glory.

  6. Guidance from the Holy Spirit. I do need thee today.

    There is education and there is true education. Many misunderstood what is the difference? Therefore our approach to education is different.
    In our culture we say “ street knowledge was made before book knowledge “. In the beginning humans were educated by the Holy Spirit speaking to them, they in turn pass it on to their children.
    As time went by the words were written on something. E.g the law of God was given to Adam/Eve verbally. After disobedience, was again given to Moses for the people. But education is not only book knowledge, education can be given by any other means.

    True education is to know God, to have a personal relationship with him. As we get to know him we share him with others. We talk about him, we discuss what he desires of us. We live his works
    The Bible says seek Me first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added to you. ALL OTHER THINGS. My people.
    How many people who are educated in this world do things that make us wonder?.

  7. We should live our lives patterned after Christ! This is obedience. Children learn by precept and example the Bible says. We must stay in prayer, study and fasting. Prayers are powerful!

  8. According to the author, "Ezra’s wholehearted devotion to God and his decision to study, practice, and teach the Word of God (Ezra 7:6,10) prepared him for greater ministry in Israel."
    Two many times members seek the office of leadership but are deficient in studying, practicing, and not apt to teaching.

    Like Ezra, are you unsatisfied with your spiritual condition? Do you long to be in full harmony with God; Do you long for wisdom to carry out the divine will?

    In the book "Fundamentals of Christian Education" (FE) the author wrote; "..He (God) requires every one of us to cultivate our powers, and attain the highest possible capacity for usefulness, that we may do noble work for God, and bless humanity".  FE 82.1

    "As disciples of Christ, you are not debarred from engaging in temporal pursuits; but you should carry your religion with you. Whatever the business you may qualify yourself to engage in, never entertain the idea that you cannot make a success of it without sacrificing principle." FE 82.3

    As we seek a living relationship with Jesus, let's emulate the positive examples in scripture of those who went before us.

  9. While we seek the edu of the world or the class room let us not deny Christ. I took a class once in college not realizing what it was, after I realized it was about evolution I attended but literally failed myself during the test. I could not go against the Bible and what it stood for, I got my first and last F but was happy to represent Christ. Instructed to retake it, did not, the answer would have been the same.
    Do we know what is thought at our colleges and universities.

    • My husband, when he was in high school faced a similar problem. He filled in the answers that were expected, but then wrote, "I don't believe any of this!" To his delight, his paper came back with a teacher's note, saying, "Neither do I." 🙂

      Those currently facing a similar situation may be able to give answers beginning with, "The current scientific consensus teaches thus and thus (provide the expected answer), but a significant number of scientists disagree, as I do."

  10. The society today has misplaced the true value of education and replaced it with employment oriented goals. So sad. We have forgotten that above all, we should bear values that means more to life than earthly gains. Let us first recognize the Lord who wants us to be better people holistically. Let's emulate Ezra by disowning ungodly values.


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