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Thursday: Isaiah’s Personal Yom Kippur — 5 Comments

  1. This is a vision to prepare Isaiah to take His message to Israel.
    Isaiah accepts and does what the Lord wants.
    What has this to do with Yom Kipper?

  2. Cleanliness of the high priest as commanded by God was part of the Sanctuary rituals. Should there not be some visible sign of spiritual humility and cleansing by a congregation before taking a seat at the Lord's communion table?

    • In the past:Passover is now equiv to our communion service.
      Fiftieth day celebration is now equiv to pentecost and the pouring out of the Holy Ghost on God's people.
      Yom Kipper/day of atonement is now equiv to (our time of atonement which started in Oct 22, 1844 and con't. But this has to do with both physical and spiritual cleansing, all had to do what we are told in the bible before coming before a holy God.

  3. We may not fully understand all the technicalities of the lesson, let us keep in mind the important point, that is the cleansing of the soul from sin. God, who is rich in mercy will help us to understand that which is necessary.


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