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  1. You should dwell in booths.
    This reminds me of my engagement. My wife lived in a village. There was no huge ceremonial hall. Therefore they had erected this make shift roof in the courtyard of the home. There would be tables with no back support to sit.There would be benches for people to eat. All the villagers will come for this celebration. It was like the village was giving their child in marriage. People who had traveled from afar would sit and talk for hours about their childhood memories. People would be planning menus, order of ceremony, garland, and special speakers at the ceremony. Men would gather great big stones and level the ground for cooking. Men and women will work together in cutting vegetables, and fetching water from the well.

    Now twenty plus years later things have changed. Marriage and engagement happens at a wedding hall. There is a wedding coordinator who will handle all the work of the family.Bride, groom, family,friends and guest simply have to show up for the ceremony and reception. Everyone will arrive at their appointed time will return home almost the same day.
    Materialistically we have advanced. In family unity and caring for one another we have really gone backwards.
    I believe God knew the busyness of our schedule. Therefore, he specifically said, celebrate this for seven days.

    Let us gather at the revival meetings, camp meetings and hold evangelistic series at our gatherings to keep the fire kindled.
    May God bless as we change our priority to be heavenward bound people.

    • I was baptised into the Adventist church on my 17th birthday. I came into a Church where Easter weekend was Camp meeting time! 60 years later I see a Church torn by the remnants of apartheid. Diehard elders who cannot let go of their nationalistic pride. While other congregations grow my home church of 50 years is on life-support. Why? Because the elders chose to not mingle with the rest of the family of God. Has Satan gained a victory? Not really! There are those who have chosen to remove themselves from the toxic atmosphere for a loving caring fellowship. Regular fellowship meals have become the norm but Satan is snapping at our heels...using procrastination by our church fathers to discourage us. Oh how I long back to the good old days! Abba - how much longer must we wait before You sent your Son to put an end to this rot?

    • ‘Materialistically we have advanced, family unity and caring for one another we have really gone backwards’. So very true Newbegin! And very sad. This is the world we live in now and is sweeping through even in the churches today. May the Lord revive our hearts and advance His return to this earth quickly.

  2. Trusting in our own senses can lead us to ruin. It is important to have self-confidence, but God knows the end from the begining! We can learn from Israel's example, but we must have a personal experience with Him! God always knows better! May we give our own hearts as a gift for Him to restore!!!


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