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  1. Lessons from Nature:
    Self sacrifice - I saw a programme about a spider mother who gave birth to a lot of little spiders and as part of training them for life let them eat her up.

    Adaptability - it is amazing how many variations were built into the genes of the 'kinds' of animals when the LORD created them, how the average size of certain animals can change depending on availability of food, or after a few generations on a small island some birds no longer fly.

    Caring - it is wonderful how certain animals live in groups for comfort and security, have you seen how buffalos will even take on lions to protect their own.

    Have you ever wondered what was God's original plan for the animals? One that didn't include them eating each other?

    I pray that we can learn the positive lessons from nature and not those of preying on each other.

  2. Correct. In every little thing there is a great lesson for us. See a baby and see perfection in something as small. ¡Thank you Lord!

  3. We must all learn from the ant and other forms of creation simply because some individuals seem to have lot his/her sense of morals and values. I have witnesses so many individuals mistreating people in the workplace, in the church and their communities just to get what he/she wants. (material things or promotions). Let's show love and look the God for guidance through His word.

  4. I think that Agur was revealing his thoughts in Prov. 1:18,19&24, about motive, means and motion of things that were less intelligent or wise than he. No matter how small or what shape they occupied there was some wisdom involved. From his self evaluation in verse 2&3 verse 18&24 might explain the reason for his interest.

  5. One thing why the king or the bible takes us back to the lessons from nature is to learn how wise it is to follow Gods Law. All these small creatures and all other creatures do these amazing things is because they follow the LAWS that God ordained for them to follow. Imagine how wise people would be if them follow Gods LAWs that He committed to them. Especially the SDA people- even though they are a very small number of people (like ants) if them follow Gods Law, they would be seen storing up oil in their vessels for the coming crisis. God Bless


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