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    It's for every one to search for those who are lost, by a humble and sympathy heart, because we have also been given the salvation only by Christ's love.

  2. God values the lost and the ones who have lost the track more than anything else.They are precious vessels redeemed by the Lamb laid slain.

  3. Once we were lost in sin and Jesus found us, likewise we should go and find others who are lost in sin. Many who are sinners do not know that they are lost like the sheep and the coin. Let us help them to find Jesus. God bless.

  4. I want God to mold me to be as Christ was, loving, forgiving etc. thank you for such inspiring words, my prayer is that we all surrender to Jesus Himself so he can do marvllous work through us!

  5. We as Christians should look at our lost brothers and sisters through the eyes of Jesus.So as believers we must become finders,reaching out in love to the lost regardless of what kind of people they are or what kind of life they live. We are all of God's children and He wants to save as many of us as he can. We should all take every opportunity to witness in these last days,wherever we are.

  6. the way that Jesus refers to sinners as being lost removes the distance that we often create as believers to those who may not believe. By using"lost", to describe unbelievers places the believer in a place of responsibility and stewardship over their souls and obligates us to find unbelievers

  7. As the people of God, we ourselves may be lost and do not know it. Have you noticed you were doing something for years and felt comfortable doing it thinking you were doing the right thing. But after years the Holy Spirit reveals it to you, then you asked yourself why did He not showed me months or years before. Now we were thinking we would have corrected our ways. But no, when we were lost we did not know. That's why the sheep and the goat will go together until the day of harvest. The goat is not the ones outside the church but inside of the church. We are told the greatest mission field is our homes. We must labor for each soul and encourage one another, also our church members and our world, i.e. where we associate (work, gym, supermarket etc).

  8. Every time we read God's word a new light comes to our heart, even if it's the same verse we've read so many times...
    Reading Luke 15 again today, I realized this fact; the sheep and the son did get lost, but the coin didn't get lost for itself. It did anything wrong, it didn't move away from the place where it was left. It was the woman who lost it, misplaced it or forgot where she had kept her coin.
    While the young son and the sheep ran away from home, the coin was lost inside the house. Is it possible that we as a church need to be findingf the lost coins inside with the same committment as finding the lost sheeps outside?f


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