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  1. If we are to talk about attitudes to authority, we, first of all, should consider the spectrum of authority. On the one hand, we have an authority, which for want of a better term, I call "bossiness". Bossy authorities, want to be obeyed because they are the boss. If they say something you do it, or else! Then there are is the authority who knows a lot and has the wisdom to use that knowledge appropriately. That sort of authority will usually explain why they want you do do something as best they can.

    Sometimes they may appear bossy but that is because they know something you do not understand. I remember my parents telling me in no uncertain terms not to go into the bull paddock. I wasn't scared of the bull - he was a nice big cow with lovely curved horns. I was more scared of my parents because of their tone of voice than I was of the bull. I did not understand but obeyed because I knew my parents would be cross. Then one day I saw the bull push my grandfather through the fence, and I understood.

    Teaching is a theatre for authority. A teacher has to be in charge but to be effective has to use their knowledge wisely. Some teachers only know the "shout louder" type of authority - they usually do not last long. Other teachers are quietly spoken and know how to lead learning in a way that the students follow.

    What sort of authority do you think God projected to our early parents in Eden? The really serious issue about this is that Satan has deliberately misrepresented God's authority, portraying him as a harsh coercive God rather than a free-will God.

  2. What a practical lesson I have had today.

    I have a very knowledgeable boss but as a human being is prone to mistakes. The other day, I was telling myself that I could choose to capitalise on his mistakes or his knowledge. I chose the latter because I realised that if I learnt from his experience, the knowledge imparted to me will help me in my current role and in future as well.

    When the Bible says we ought to respect those in authority its telling me to focus on the majors not the minors. Every human being is prone to mistakes. The Devil will want us to focus on other people's weakest points to the detriment of the work to be done. This leads to teams failing to work together and completing tasks given.

    There are some people who do not respect authority of a team leader. And unfortunately such people will not take any criticism from the team leader. A team leader has been given authority to lead the team and whilst they have their own weaknesses it is important for the team members to support the leader so as to get the job done. No wonder when teams are being selected certain individuals are left out, no matter how technically good they maybe because they do not submit to authority. Submitting to authority does not mean taking in everything the leader is saying but being able to challenge in a respectful way.

  3. According to Peter and Paul who are "those who rule over you"?
    I discovered two main groups - the civil authorities and the Elders in the church, the leaders in our community of faith.
    I note that Paul instructed Titus to appoint Elders in every city:

    Titus1:9 KJV
    to hold fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to encourage and convince those who contradict it.
    Weymouth NT
    holding fast to the faithful message which he has received, so that he may be well qualified both to encourage others with sound teaching and to reply successfully to opponents.
    He must be devoted to the trustworthy message that agrees with what we teach, so that he may be able to encourage others with healthy doctrine and refute those who oppose it.

    This is the responsibility of those who rule in the church, however we are warned that there are false teachers that secretly bring in destructive heresies, 2Peter 2:1 so we must test all things, and hold fast what is good 1Thes 5:21, 1John 4:1

  4. Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired. Zephaniah 2

    The Despisers of Authority
    In studying the bible we cant just pick out a test here and run with it to prove with it says, we have to look at the context of the matter as well as other text, here a little, there a little. There were many rulers who ruled this world with the devil being their boss. Look at the book of Daniel, see who was Nebuchadnezzar. Those evil Kings in and out of the bible. Look at Herod and all those rulers in his days.

    Solution to the problems at hand is to trust in Jesus everyday and ask him to help us to live a life that other can be drawn to him. A Holy life in a corrupt world. 2 Peter 2:1-17 tells us all who lived in sin continually, had several times to changed their lives but did not.

    Our walk with Jesus is not a mistake, we will get angry but we must not sin. I had a call in order approx 2-3hrs before I went to pick up the item after a hard day at work. I spent approx 25mins in the drive through. I became to the top of the line, gave my name and what was called in. The person looked at the computer and said it was not ready and I must come in and wait another 20 mins to have it ready. I almost 'lost myself'. I was angry to the point of a short word 2 mins word exchange questioning what was the problem. I went home then returned, was feeling better in my mind.
    Many times we might choose to get angry, but let us not sin. Many take advantage over others because of their position. But angels and the Holy Spirit sees and beholds every actions.

  5. Under the category ‘Recent Posts’ – ‘Education in the Garden of Eden – Discussion Starters’, Joyce Griffith posts an interesting question in her 5th point. I had commented on it, but want to use paart of these comments here as well.
    We believe that God’s Authority is above all other authorities; it is He that established the pillars He set the earth on; Everything is under His Authority!

    Point 5: ‘The despisers of authority’ - you pose an interesting question: Should part of our Christian education include “…developing a constructive attitude toward authority?” Yes!! - In my opinion, this is where the relationship-breakdown between God and man is rooted in. Many Christians do not maintain a healthy relationship with their heavenly Father - His Authority – they do not wholly fear(honor) God with their lives.

    I think that in the eyes of young people, authority is questioned because so many Christians lack spiritual integrity. With their conduct they teach: do what I say, but don’t do as I do; their ambivalence about moral and ethical absolutes demonstrates no trust in the God they confess.
    So often, our actions do not match what we confess to believe in; our conduct is too often based on ‘convenience’ instead of on the love to do right by the Father. Our love for our fellow man lacks the power of self-sacrifice and, with this, exposes the weaknesses inherent in our relationship with the heavenly Father.

    This ‘lack of a faithful, constructive disposition’ toward Heaven’s Authority will need to be remedied if we expect the ‘world’ to see/observe/experience true respect for authority; the Christian's understanding of authority rests in our love-faith-relationship with the Father.
    It is much better, more positive, to know what is right than to be overcome by fear and concerns not to recognize all the things which are wrong and dangerous.
    God set the stage through/by Jesus - His most important, only directives which will keep all the wrongs at bay are found in: Matt.22:37-40; Prov. 3:5,6; Eph.6:10-18 .

    Learning what it means to 'properly submit' to the heavenly Authority is needful for all who say that they love God. By showing true, spiritual integrity through our voluntary ‘obedience’ to the authority of God, Trust and Faith based in the Word of God becomes manifest in our actions; as we live so, we give God the Glory He is due and are a testimony to His Authority based in the Power of Love.


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