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Monday: Tithe: A Mere Pittance — 10 Comments

  1. What I give in tithes can not begin to match the blessings The Lord brings my way. He says He will open the windows of heaven...and He does.
    With obedience comes blessing. Abundant blessing.

    • The gift of life cannot be compared to any material blessings that we possess. If, for example, we become sick, we would be willing to part with all material things we own just to preserve our lives. God is the giver and preserver of life. Life is everything, so giving a tithe is indeed a mere pittance in return for the many blessings He has lavished on us. Thank you Jesus for giving me physical and most of all spiritual life.

  2. when we give The Lord back a portion of what He Has given us it shows appreciation . He said He would Bless those that Bless Him. And he's a God that can not Lie. When you have your Health and able to do things for your self and others by giving and paying Tithes you are Bless.

  3. The author of the lessons as done a beautiful job throug the direction and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Nothing thing should be added or subtracted form these comments. However, I am happy for this means whereby we can submit our comments in accordance along with some of the pionts that are presented.

    Under Mondays' lessons the author presents a just a few things and I may suggest somethings else. (Tithing: a Mere pittance) In addition God has given His breath that we don't have to think about breathing. He calls us Sons and Daughters and gave us a new life, a new name when we we nobody. Place us into families, give us Status, a good education, good jobs, with benefits the list goes on.

    All He asking in return is just a mere pittance of what e gave and some of us (myself included) are so miserable ungreatful in returnng what is rightflly His. I am thankful to God that he gives forgiveness (Eph 1:6-7). Let us start today make a 360 degree in the right direction in returning to God His tithes and offering and by so doing we will give our lives completly to Him.

  4. Lord, I thank you for your blessings that you have bestowed upon my life. I realized that my tithe is just a pettance in your sight. However I pray that you will bless my returned gift.

  5. Giving back 10 percent is a mere pittance and yet, some of us struggle with that. And then I thought about going to a store and purchasing an item on sale. There is nothing better than a sale, right? But then we find out that the item is discounted by only 10% and we think, 'That's nothing. Not enough of a discount. Not worth buying.' How can tithing 10 percent seem like too much and saving 10 percent at a store seem like not enough?

  6. 10% is really a mere pittance compared to what has been offered to us through Christ! If we fail to place a monetary value on our mortal lives, how much more then can we value immortality? Certainly not by 10%!

  7. God's governmnent is founded on LOVE, and we all agree and acknowledge that His Love toward us cannot be will nor be equated to anything in this nor in the life hereafter.
    He does not require force alligience, its voluntary. We ourselver are better placed to understand what He has done for us and as such, if we truly Love Him and acknowledge the value He has placed on us, surely a return that rightly belongs to Him wont give us sleepless nights. His amazing Love towards us should be able to compel to do even more than He is asking.
    Some may claim economic hardships, but when we dwell on His Love,all this is swallowed up. Everything works for good for those who trust and love the Lord.
    Let us remember that His will not take us where His protection is not there.

  8. It so pathetic that with all the good things our Lord has done for us we just take tithing system for granted, we just regard tithe as an allowance or as peanuts or as small change. We forget that the Lord had blessed us so that we can glorify His name but we boast saying from the power and might of my hands hath gotten me this wealth. Are we serious that we are anticipating for our Lord Jesus Christ whilst undermining the tithes and offerings in our churches. We need to revist our minds, such that we cannot take the tithing system so lightly.


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