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  1. This Bible study guide on 1 and 2 Peter stands out like the one on the 1 and 2 Thessalonians (2012). The author has done an interesting academic work presentation. This work shows that everything in the letters of Peter is from Peter's cleverness: Peter assures his readers...; Peter highlights...; Peter was giving his readers a warning...; Peter responds to the issue...; Peter has provided some specifics....
    Aren't these letters the Lord's message for humanity?
    It is sad to see that the study guide makes them look like another article from the sea of papers. One about God, not from Him.

    • It is hard to avoid the fact the Peter is the author of these books and in writing about the contents of these letters, it needs to be said that Peter wrote ... etc. In some cases the writings of Paul and Jude are also compared with what Peter wrote in this series of lessons and their names were used to identify who wrote what. Now we believe that all these truths come from God, but as you can see each author has their own individual emphasis. Comparison, contrast and discussion has the potential to lead to a greater truth if we let the Holy Spirit guide us.

      Finally, while I recognize that academic studies are not everything, it needs to be acknowledged that academics put a serious effort into their study. We are encouraged to do our own study and not rely on the study of others. Personally I find that the lesson studies on the epistles of Peter have been a challenge to me to do more study myself.

  2. Sometimes circumstance can remind me of my days of ignorance, hardships and difficulties caused by my own waywardness or human weaknesses. Still pressing on in faith and obedience despite my humanity is the only way as a Christian.

    Sometimes my conscience bothers me that I can't claim perfection all the way thru my life and experience. The Holy Spirit reminds me that though I have sinned there is redemption thru faith in Jesus (Romans 3:23,24).

    I can rest in the promise of 1 John 3:20.
    Even if my own heart condemns me God is greater than my heart, He knows all things. I must commit myself to Him Who knows all things. I must believe that In returning to the Lord, and resting in His promises I will be saved. I must trust that in quietness and confidence in God will come strength to succeed in the battle for my soul, Isaiah 30:15.

  3. How do all these ideas affect my daily life? How can I apply them to my present situation? When I fail to do just that, the subject becomes distant, difficult to understand, and may just pass by... May the Lord fullfill what I missed, and may the message sprout in my heart and mind!

      • Amen! God judged the repentant thief on the cross by Jesus' robe of righteousness that the thief put on when he expressed his faith on Jesus' kingship, priesthood, sacrifice, and all Jesus stood for regarding salvation and eternal life for himself and for the entire world.

  4. I made a little study in the four Gospels about the repentant thief on the cross and I found out some very interesting things: Two Gospel writers say that both thieves were railing at Jesus and neither mentions either of the thieves repenting at all, One Gospel writer mentions two that were also crucified with Jesus but says nothing about their being theives nor about their railing on Jesus, Only One Gospel writer mentions one Thief, not only repenting, but also rebuking the other thief for railing on Jesus and mentions nothing about the repentant one ever railing at Jesus at all. So two Gospel writers agree with each other, another Gospel writer simply indicates that there were two others crucified at the same time with Jesus, and only one mentions the repentant thief. Three of the Gospel writers witnessed Jesus' crucifixion and say nothing about a repentant thief, and the one that mentions the repentant thief was Luke who was not one of the original Apostles nor witnessed Jesus' crucifixion. Maybe that is why the repentant thief is not mentioned in any of Paul's, Peter's, John's nor any of the other Epistles.

    • Interesting perspective..
      However, I do not think that in any way reduces the significance of the Jesus-repentant thief encounter..

      The repentant thief "satisfied" the elements of faith and work.. just like Abraham did..

      1. He believed truly that Jesus is the son of God (Luke 23:42)
      2. He, by implication, obeyed the commandment in Ecclesiastes 12 vs 13) (see Luke 23:40)
      3. He rebuked his partner in crime (To me, that's some work, given the little time he had left to spend).

      So, in conclusion.. His belief in God is simply wat saved him. That's all dats needed (John 3:16).. buh as God is not mocked, this belief of his was not only publicly declared; it was put into action.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. Often being in meetings, it is very easy to understand that many people in the same room may hear and see different parts of the same report. This is how I often approach the accounts of the Epistles. I will make this a study and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me through. I am a recent convert and am questioning everything, "unlearning" and "relearning", as E.W. tells suggest us to do. I have to die daily in the word of Jesus Christ and pay close attention to these truths which my past belief had dwelling within me. The repentant thief's words are often used to assure believers the their loved ones, whom have passed away, are in heaven immediately after death. Often the scripture is read with the truth of the Day of Judgment, then the words of Jesus to the repentant thief. I will be asking questions: If Luke were not present, how did he know what was spoken? Even in my state of belief at the time, I did not quiet grab the idea that if we are in Heaven already, why do Jesus Christ have to come back and get us? The answer I received gave way to other beliefs which go deeper and farther from the truth. These are being answered as I look through and past teachings which I have had since birth, and the present teachings which the Holy Spirit has lead me through. So, believe me, in witnessing, this is a Big question to be able to understand and talk about with other faiths. But, I must add, where I was critical of others before for lack of faith when the professed Jesus Christ in their lives, yet the were spouting all forms of profanity and blaspheming, I see that each may NOT know any better, this is what they have been preached is alright. My anger is replace with pity and sadness, and the hope and prayer they will learn the truth...because, that was me not so long ago. So, please, believers, continue to discuss and continue to share, for we are out there, we who don't know any better. And we are searching for the light, no matter how dark our souls look to believers, we are looking for the truth and the light. I was blessed to find it, others are coming who are even more mislead than I was. Continue to prepare yourselves, your service is very needed. Please forgive me if I got off the point, I felt inspired for a moment, and I am new to SDA, it just pours out of me now.


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