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  1. I am very familiar with "magnificent events", having taught in a tertiary institution for many years. I have been a participant in more graduation services than I can count. Interestingly, although I have a number of degrees to my name, I have participated as a graduate in only one. And that contrast reminded me that the "magnificent event" is only the result of many years of work. It is a bit like turning 100. It is a remarkable achievement, but how you have spent the time getting to 100 is the really important bit.

    There is a judgment, and that judgment is very important. But, let's not forget that the judgment is the consequent summary of what is happening now.

    This leads me to what I think is the application of what we are studying. Some of us believe that at least part of the judgment is currently underway. We have a fair bit of arithmetic, several key historical points, and a heap of Bible texts to support that view. It is, however, very difficult to convince people about an event they cannot see or experience in some way. The most convincing argument we have that a judgment is, or will, take place is that we live the life of a loving, caring Christian now. I am old, and my arguments about dates and history fall on deaf ears among the secular, and even the younger generation of Seventh-day Adventists. The argument of living unselfishly, following the footsteps of Jesus, is about the only one I have left. My prayer is that my life will be a witness to "the magnificent event".

    • Some years ago, the Hebrew National company advertised their product on television. A man dressed to represent America held the product in his hand. A voice boomed, "The government says we can..." and a number of perceived substandard practices in production were mentioned. Each was followed by, WE don't! The last statement answered the question of why they did not have the government standards as their own, "We answer to a Higher Power" as the man looked toward heaven.

      We are to live in a way that shows we answer to a Higher Power.

  2. The bright judgement scene is the pivot of the entire vision in Daniel 7. The Son of Man represents humanity. He is making an effectual plea on our behalf. He is taking the initiative to affirm in front of a heavenly court that we belong to Him. This is what makes the judgement good news. When God judges His people, He justifies, delivers, and vindicates; but on the other hand, He condemns, punishes, and destroys evil.

    In John 14:1-3, Christ gave us a promise. What a beautiful picture in Daniel 7:27 of God who is for us and never against us! He is doing everything possible to legally secure our place in heaven.

    "Daniel describes the opening scene of the final judgment. The Father presides as judge. The angels of God are present as ministers and witnesses. At this tribunal the Son of man presents himself to receive the dominion of the world. Here he is crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. But men are not present to witness this part of the judgment, or to behold the coronation of Christ. It is the Father and the Son and the holy angels who compose this grand assembly. Our Lord cannot act as judge so long as he ministers as high priest to make intercession for them that come to God through him. Hebrews 7:24, 25. Nor can he act as judge until he is clothed with kingly power; for it is by virtue of his authority as king that he pronounces the decision of the judgment. Matthew 25:34, 40. The coronation of our Lord at the judgment-seat of his Father marks the termination of his priesthood, and invests him with that sovereign authority by which he shall judge the world."(The Judgement, Its Events & Their Order, page 26, by EG White)

  3. Daniel 7:14 Dominion, glory and kingdom will be given to Him, not by force as in other beasts. ALL people, nations and languages (worldwide) not just some parts of the world during the time of those beasts, shall serve Him fearfully. Everlasting Dominion not periodically like the other beasts. Domion will not passed away, or taken away by others and His kingdom shall not be destroyed. Hallelujah and I am looking forward to that time instead of focusing on today's challenges. I want to be ready, I want to be ready, I want to be ready to walk in to Jerusalem, Just like John.

  4. Hi, Maurice. You wrote: ‘The most convincing argument we have that a judgment is, or will, take place is that we live the life of a loving caring Christian now.’ Would you care to elaborate on that, please? Just how does one convince of the judgement by being a loving, caring Christian?

    • In the good old days when I was a student, everyone knew that I had examinations because I studied for them. I lived the life of a student.

      In my Christian life my argument is based on:

      By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35 KJV

  5. The reality that I live in seems to be parallel. The reality I live in is what I see, what I have, and what is happening. Is there a problem with my reality? How much is my reality influencing what I live?

    I feed in seeing, having, and happening. That's why I keep on going in circles. Is there anything to help me break free from this slavery? Who can give me real freedom from my reality? Or, ultimately, from myself?

    I'm nonconformed; I'm uncomfortable. And this makes me look for answers. Thus, I found "For these rules are only shadows of the reality yet to come..." (ops! there is hope then, what reality is Paul talking about?), and the answer comes quickly, with no rodeos, "And Christ himself is that reality."(Colossians 2:17). The cherry of the cake comes in Hebrews 11:1, "Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see."

    Although I have not seen all of the kingdoms of Daniel's statue from his vision, History told me later with precision all that happened. Why would the Bible bring such a wonderful narrative to lie about its disclosure? There is no rationality for that. I can only truly accept my reality when I stop looking at it through my own eyes and exchange it for faith, faith in Jesus, Who knows better.

  6. The Judgement spoken of in Revelation is primarily about the Judgement of God's Government. When Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, it was God's Government that was called into question and it culminates in total vindication in the book of Revelation. It is God that has been on trial.

    Ministry Magazine Article: https://www.ministrymagazine.org/archive/1961/07/the-hour-of-gods-judgment-is-come

    It is important to notice that the central issue in all these scriptures concerned with the work of judgment is the justification and vindication of God, not of man. The great concern is that God is declared right­eous. Only as this becomes true can the saints be proclaimed righteous. It is the vindication of God and His throne that alone guarantees the triumph and vindica­tion of the believer.

    • Hello, Jim – you provided a very important aspect of what is presently found only to address the judgement of earth’s people in the Book of Revelation; I have not heard this mentioned before. You provide a very interesting, and in my opinion, very plausible extension of the act of why, and who is being judged in Revelation.

      I am intrigued and believe you have provided an important aspect to help understand Scripture’s statement that “the hour of God’s judgement is come”, and I hope that all of us will take the time to read the article you provided by clicking the link.

      The writer of the article states: “there is no contradiction of our previous position, but a widening of the perspective. Is this what God has in mind when He sets forth again and again His work of judgment from the heavenly sanctuary in connection with the final message to the world prior to His second advent?”

      You state that the article is from the ‘Ministry Magazine’. Clicking on the link, I find it published in the ‘International Journal for Pastors’, but could not locate the name of the writer. Would you please be so kind to provide this for us? I will certainly read this article and study it more deeply and look for other writings by this person. Thank you!

  7. “An everlasting kingdom” that shall never “pass away” is the final victory of the Father's love over sin and death. For those who believe, there is no other way for this ‘Great Controversy' to end. For those who do not believe the beginning, the end will not make sense.

    We either believe the Scriptures regarding the creation of this world and all that is in it in its entirety, or we cannot believe the account which concludes it. From the beginning of creation to its end, our heavenly Father spoke of His love for mankind. He promises that His love will create a new heaven and earth for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose – Rom. 8:28.

    Can we expect anything in addition to this promise; did He leave anything uncovered - open to interpretation? We might endeavor to find a better understanding about the details of His plan of salvation unfolding during our lifetime, but this does not change its ultimate outcome - Humanity is offered to live in an “everlasting Kingdom” that shall never “pass away”.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for your faithfulness, your love and compassion for fallen humanity; to be willing to stand in the gap for us so we can be saved. You accepted the will of the Father and took upon yourself humanity's cross, and so provided salvation for us. You suffered and died in order for the Father to manifest His love for His children as He brought you back from death unto everlasting life. You showed us that we can trust the Father’s promise of a new life after death to be true – Praise and honor to God the Father - Amen.


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