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Tuesday: Paul’s Gospel — 5 Comments

  1. The good news that we have been saved through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank toe whole of the human race have been reconciled back to God and to be with him for evermore. We can live knowing that God loves us so much that he will never let us go, that is only if that is what we really want.

  2. The gospel is about accepting the true LOVE to be the master of our lives. Ultimately, love reflects a collection of attitudes. For that, it is necessary to have at least 2 persons, one to give and one to receive! Thus Jesus gave Himself for the love of His own creatures!

  3. This greeting is a powerful testimony to the miraculous soul-saving power and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our heavenly Father gives us the gifts of grace (God's favor sans works) and of peace (right relationship with God) through the atoning death and resurrection of his only Son Jesus Christ. The emphasis is upon God's righteousness and his saving intervention on behalf of us sinners, who stood condemned before his holy law.

  4. The Gospel is about Jesus living out his Father's character for thirty and a half years and then dying and living again so that all humanity would have the opportunity to live in his Father's love, his Father's peace, and his Father's grace by the power of his Holy Spirit, for now and then for all the ages throughout eternity.

  5. It is good news that Paul is not merely using the words grace and peace as a greeting. Grace of God and Peace Christ gives us not as the world gives is very good news for us. John 14:27. Peace and Grace comes to them who's mine is stayed on Him, because they trust in Him. Isaiah 26:3.


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