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  1. Yesterday a person phoned me and offered to send me free samples of their creams & lotions so long as I gave them feedback. They had got my name and number from a friend. Of course I said yes please.

    One suggestion - to offer a dvd, book, health check for free.
    After all isn't that what the LORD does, He offers us the gift of eternal life.

    • Thank you Shirley - just last week I was offered a Watch Tower magazine (Jehovas Witness). When I said I would gladly take one if the lady would take a copy of "When God says Remember". She refused. When it comes to standing on the street corner handing out literature or whatever, I am very much like the sluggard "There are lions out there!" (I live in Africa after all!) But since my encounter with the JW lady I have decided to change my approach. Would she have refused my 'deal' had I told her that I carry a copy of the book in my bag and the Holy Spirit impresses me as to whom I should share it with. I don't hand them out randomly, it is as though the Holy Spirit prompts me. I hope I meet that lady again because I truly feel that she cannot refuse next time - even if she does not read it, someone else will. After all, God gives the seed, He prompts us where to 'plant' it and He takes care of it after that. I need to take a lesson from Proverbs and not be afraid of the lions!

  2. Prov 26:13-16

    1. V13 - Shouting "Lion" is scaring oneself befo that lion even crosses yo path
    Wen we scare ourselves, we will not make much progress in life but above all (for the purpose we are on this earth for - to live for God), we will not make the first step in evangelism

    2. V14 - In our self created fear, we will pretend to make attempts (be it at personal projects or God's work) but quickly return to our seats

    3. V15 - In our self created fear and sticking to our seats, we will fail to even feed ourselves (physical provisions but even spiritual food). We will want shortcuts. Even wen we seek employment and find it (as the slothful extends his hand into a bag), we will not want to work to bring food to our tables but to do shortcuts. Obviously evangelism will not even be a thing to think of becos we are not fed. We will not have the strength, nor the food to share with others.

    Let none now make the Lord ashamed of them because of their unbelief. Sloth and despondency accomplish nothing. Entanglements in secular business are sometimes permitted by God in order to stir the sluggish faculties to more earnest action that He may honor faith by the bestowal of rich blessings. This is a means of advancing His work.

    Whatever the line of work in which we engage, the Word of God teaches us to be “not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.” Romans 12:11.... “Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:24. FLB 169.7

    We must not be inactive or slothful in this work, for we have not a moment to spend without a purpose or object. God will help us to overcome our wrongs if we will pray and believe on Him.

  3. Can we say Eve was foolish, as she was warred of Satan's plan. Our first parents were not left without a warning of the danger that threatened them. Heavenly messengers opened to them the history of Satan's fall and his plots for their destruction, unfolding more fully the nature of the divine government, which the prince of evil was trying to overthrow.

  4. I think that its better to lesson to the holy sprint then to lean to our on unsanding because we don't have the mind of God was I mean is that God way is not our ways and Satan's always trying to make us beleave that God don't care about ours we're been but we have to remember that he is the father of lies

  5. I like what Paul Harvey once said, "Successful people bite off more than they can chew then swallow it." A person can dream big things but never work to accomplish them; that is what Proverbs says. And in this age of instant gratification the world is filled with that kind of thinking - wanting everything but not willing to work to get it.

    One of my nephews has always had a severe learning disability. He always wanted to be in the Army as an officer but with his learning problems and lack of education it seemed to be just a dream that could never come true but he never gave up. He persisted and worked untiringly and today he is a lieutenant colonel, a very highly respected one by many generals and one who got promoted over many others who had more abilities (talents). Dr. Ben Carson is another example of this same kind of a thing.

    The take home on this is that it is not the ability that a person has that makes the man but what he does with what he has. That is the lesson of the parable of the talents. See also Lk 11:5-9; Lk 18:1-8. "Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise" (Heb. 10:35-36 NKJV). "But he who endures to the end shall be saved" (Matt. 24:13 NKJV).

  6. Well its true. I just got tired of being afraid and I wanted adventure or something different in my life. We are born to enjoy life not live in misery.

    • Nicanor, Jesus offers freedom from fear, because we can find peace and security in Him.

      And the life of a follower of Christ is full of the highest adventure, as long as we are willing to take the risk of doing exactly what he says.

      Do you know the story of the three friends who refused to bow to a golden image on threat of death by fire in a huge oven built for the purpose. They took the risk of death. They were thrown into the fire. But the fire only burned the ropes that bound them and did not hurt them at all. In fact, the Son of God came down to walk with them in the furnace! Talk about adventure! But this kind of adventure and excitement is only for those who will give strict obedience to Jesus.

      Are you willing?

  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I beleive with all of my heart that God has a promotion prepared for me. I walk by faith knowing that He is a rewarder to them that deligently seek Him. I am not saying that I have to earn the reward, just simply trust Him who has promised it. God Bless

  8. I remember the words of a parole officer who described some parolees. "If they were to work as hard at honest work as they did at their crime, they would be very successful people."

  9. Thank Inge for your message, We live in the world where the truth is in the name of majority. Let stark on the word of God.


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