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  1. We only need to read the history of the Hebrew people to realise that their excursions into disobedience led them into trouble. Time and time again they adopted idolatry, chased after wives from their neighbouring nations, and so on. The law was not an arbitrary damper on fun. It was the "Keep Left" (right, for the rest of you) traffic rule for living.

    Joshua knew their propensity and had this conversation with the Hebrews before he died:

    But if you are unwilling to obey the Lord, then decide today whom you will obey. Will it be the gods of your ancestors beyond the Euphrates or the gods of the Amorites here in this land? But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”
    And the people replied, “We would never forsake the Lord and worship other gods! Josh 24:15,16 TLB

    ... and almost before the ink was dry on that one, their actions belied their words!

    • Maurice, just to amplify your point about Israel adopting Idolatry, when God’s judgement came down it was always because the idolatry had culminated in child sacrifice. In my humble opinion which is supported by Johnathon Cahn, Messianic Jew and Jewish Scholar, the modern version of this in the USA and maybe the world, is at that same point with abortion on demand now reaching the point of infanticide. God will soon intervene to protect the innocent.

      • Hi Maurice, I always love to read your post. Your writings are always down to earth and easy for everyone to understand, I appreciate that very much.

        I would like to add a few sentences to your words as well. The children of Israel (as they crossed over into the Promised Land, as well as settled into the land) had the same problems that we still have today. They, we, want to obey and listen to God, but they, we, want to do our own thing too. Somewhere along the way, they see what others had, and their desire (Lust), greed, and disobedience lead them to turn away from God. Even though God give them (us) the Best Gifts, they (we) still wanted more. For example, there was a time when American men thought that by marrying an Asian woman, then they would be happy, because their wives would be submissive, and do everything to please their husbands. Where do they get a Fools-idea like that from? An Asian woman are just like any other woman, they want to be partners with their husbands to make a happy home.

        But that's the problem, we all see (or hear) some kind of illusion, and then desire to have that illusion, which oftentimes the end results are disobedience, sin, and destruction (pain and suffering). This human desire to want what we see, to possess things that we don't need, and to want more and more (greed), has causes so much pain, suffering, and cruelty to the innocent.

        The law is given to us for not only the knowledge of sin, but also to remind us of our Creator, God. This is why the law in Exodus 20, begins in verse 1 and 2, "And God spoke all these words, saying:, 2 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.",NKJV. God wants us to remember and love Him for all that He has done for us, for all His blessings to us, and for answering our prayers. Isn't that enough for us to Fear and Love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength? It should be.

        Let us all pray for each other that we will listen to God, and ignore the enemies of our soul.

        God bless and Happy Sabbath to all around the world.

  2. Law/s are the constant (consistent) principles that create the order that is necessary for life. No order, no life. Therefore, in order to truly live (prosper), we need to be in harmony with (‘obedient to’) those laws (eg Psalm 1:1-3).

    Sin (lawlessness) fosters chaos instead of order. And chaos is the mechanism of destruction and non-life. Therefore, being out of harmony with the laws necessary for life results in what the Bible frequently refers to as “perish”(ing) (eg, Psalm 1:6; John 3:16; 2 Peter 3:9).

    Live in harmony with the laws/constants that underpin reality or try and live out of harmony with them. Prosper or perish. Those are the only 2 options. Those are the only 2 outcomes. While we are free to choose either option, we are not able to avoid the inherent outcomes of the option we choose. Reality doesn’t work that way - as the history of our world is demonstrating.

    If you look carefully, you will notice that this reality is also the underpinning essence of the 3 Angels Messages of Revelation 14. It is the message of freedom of choice that we have to share with others as our world unravels... you are choosing this day whom or what you are serving - life or death.

  3. There is a way that seems right unto a man but the ways thereof are the ways of death. Prov 12:14

    In all the dealings of God with His people there is, mingled with His love and mercy, the most striking evidence of His strict and impartial justice.{PP 469.1}

    How can I prosper according to the biblical way?

    According to Deuteronomy 27:1-26 through Deuteronomy 31:1-30 two options were presented to the people-the Jews, the christians- obey and prosper/be blessed/live or disobey and be curse/perish/die. Humans want to switch it up, be disobedient and still prosper and be bless and live. It had never happened, not in bible times neither it can never happen now. The story is told about King Saul being disobedient and still wants Jesus to bless him. The wicked Balaam, Jesabel, Judas, and so many others like those wicked kings and prophets. Many tell others it doesn't matter, the Lord knows the heart and he will overlook sin. The renewing of the law was for a specific reason and the people agreed to the covenant and stated they will obey and do everything they were told.

    Solution for me- I am not perfect, righteous or holy. Everyday I ask the Lord to help me live above sin and to send his Holy Spirit to help and guide me alone the christian pathway. The bible says the soul that sinneth shall die, also the wages for sin is death. I do not want this to sound less than what it is. If anyone cont in sin they will die the eternal death. Moses was a great leader and a prophet yet he sin and was unable to enter the earthly promised land. What the Lord says he means. The blessings or the curse in totality. There are 54 curses and 14 blessing. The 14 blessing are encapsulated in the ten commandments. We are the ones who chooses what we want.

    What I have done- I felt many times as being a hypocrite. Telling others about the importance of living right and obeying Jesus while I am breaking the precepts of his laws. I pray and present myself to Jesus to help me overcome sin by loving and fearing him as I should. I encourage my children and family not to test Jesus because what he says he means, and what he means he says in his word, in nature, in dreams or conversations or otherwise.

    Deutro 5:29. O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever!

  4. Moses called Deuteronomy the Book of the Law, but to my surprise I have discovered that it talks of loving the LORD as the foundation of our relationship with the LORD, and that the fringe benefit of living in harmony with His Principles of Life is a peaceful and happy life.
    My goal is to be transform by the renewing of my mind that I may discern what is the good, pleasing and perfect will of the LORD for my life, that I might be conformed to the image of His Son. Rom 12:2, Rom 8:29

  5. There is a saying-
    ----Too heavenly minded and you are no good for this earth (the living in the now that we are called to live as humans).
    ----Too earthly minded and you are no good for heaven (only living for the present but we do not believe in a heaven).
    Many times christians/humans found themselves caught up between these too and become confused as to what to do.
    When Moses died it was another leader chosen by God to lead the people to the land that was promised to them and their forefathers. Many christians are so caught up with the notion of going to heaven that we don't even know how to live on this earth now. It is the Lord desire that we be happy people now, in this present world, wherever we live. According to Joshua 1:6-8 the literal earthy land that they were going to inherit was a place to make them prosperous but only on one circumstance. i.e they keep the law Moses had given them. v8 The book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein. Jesus wants all of us, not a part, not some, but all. Our heart, minds, soul and body. All or none.
    Jesus had promised to make his people happy on this earth with things to enjoy, we see that throughout his words. Whether rich or poor, he wants us to enjoy life while we are on this earth. He made provision for the poor in the Jewish economy. Are we structure in a way to make provision for the poor among us?

    That You May Prosper

  6. The lord said" take the law that you may be prosper.

    If the law it silfe alone dose not save us, it also mean that by keeping the law it give us the way that we will be save through believe in jesus.

  7. Shirley quoted Deut. 5:29 – ‘O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear(honor) me (by) keeping all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever?’
    I remember my agony when teaching my children did not fall on an open, receptive heart, when they obeyed with the willingness of a stubborn mule. Now, as adults they begin to understand the wisdom of the spiritual lesson contained in ‘obedience of a loving heart’.
    How much deeper does our heavenly Father feel the agony of our loss of His blessings when He sees us dismissing Him because we do not recognize the spiritual aspect of the effect of obedience coming from a loving heart?
    Prov.9:10 – respect and obedience is the beginning of wisdom; this wisdom will transition into loving God because He has loved us first. If not, we are stuck with ‘fearing’ God and the consequences, instead of ‘loving’ Him and receiving His blessings.

    Why did our first parents lose their blessings – because they discounted the all-encompassing importance to love God with all their heart, mind and being. This ‘discounting/lowering’ of importance gave just enough room for the lie, coming from the father of lies, to separate God and man by undermining by man's ‘distrust’ the PERFECT LOVE of their Father and their perfect ability to remain faithful to Him.
    How can we be ‘obedient’ to God’s law if we do not honor Him because He loved us first and be contrite to have so 'disappointed' Him? Yes, we express our love for Him by being obedient, but do we ask ourselves what motivates our obedience? Is it the desire for His blessings that we may prosper? Are we motivated by anything else other than the love that recognizes our heavenly Father for loving us first and extending His Mercy and Grace to safe us from certain death?

    I just want to make the point that we do well to examine the motives which result in our obedience. Fear of damnation, as well as the hope for gain in this earthly life is not sufficient to carry us through trials and tribulations when our faith is challenged by experiencing adversity. We cannot not address it by dismissing this issue flippently, considering ourselves 'safe'.
    When I face challenges, I sing to myself the simple line, repeating it until doubt gives way to certainty: ‘Trust and obey, there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey’. This brings me past the impasse doubt created and re-aligns my thoughts with the Father who tells me that He never leaves me or forsakes me.
    I would rather the words of the lesson writer to read: ‘:… as Bible-believing Christians we are called to Love God with all our heart and not lean on our own understanding; to love Him with all our being and so fulfill the first commandment of the Law of God.’ Prov.3:5; Matt.22:37; Phil.4:19.

  8. How can we say we are not saved by obeying the law? What if Eve had obeyed the commandment/law of God in Eden, would this have "saved" her and the rest of us from this present world of sickness and death? What about Prov 7:2, and Rev 22:14?

    We must make no mistake in understanding what it means to "keep" the law, while understanding what it means to be "saved". The rich young ruler claimed to have kept the commandments since he was a youth, yet Jesus told him he was lacking something vital. We may "keep" the law for fear of punishment, or because we have been transformed by the renewing of our mind, and now see the law as just, holy, and good. I believe that what the young ruler lacked was love for God and love for his fellow man. Since the law is fulfilled by love, we may realize his inability as demonstrated by his great sorrow over the thought of selling what he possessed and giving to the poor. Perhaps we can see why he felt something was lacking still? Such a person cannot keep the law in its true spirit. The law is fulfilled when our objective is to uplift others, while self is no longer the center of our focus.

    Fulfilling the law is the natural result of being saved from selfishness, and the focus will not even be on the law, but on meeting the needs of others when we have the ability to do so. Unless saved from our fallen, selfish nature, there is no hope to fulfill the law(Rom 13:10). This should help all to realize the law and gospel cannot be separated.

      • I would agree William, but add that the disobedience came from the lack of faith, or, from unbelief. Faith is the victory, or unbelief leads to defeat.

        One leads to obedience, the other leads to disobedience. We can see why Jesus really focused on faith in His teaching.

        • Robert - I whole-heartedly agree! Everything in our relationship with the Father is based on Faith! We first have to believe that He exists. If we do, the rest can follow - that we are created, that He has a relationship with us which requires His Spirit in order for us to experience true reality in this life leading into eternity, that He designed a plan to make this possible - - - all is based on faith in the unsearchable Wisdom of the one, invisible Creator God we profess and believe will keep His word. What Marvelous Love, Mercy and Grace!

          • Yes, and God has acknowledged the importance of faith by giving ample evidence for us to exercise faith(I believe this is the meaning of Rom 12:3). I also believe that this evidence is so clear and obvious, that no true atheist exists. Only those who wish they were and who want everyone else to believe they are. If you ever listen to them argue, it is as if they are trying to convince themselves. I only bring this up to illustrate the abundance of evidence God has given to Adam's race, that all might have faith in their Creator/Redeemer.

            The point of failure comes when we find unrighteousness more appealing than Truth(2 Thess 2:10-12). Wasn't this Eve's experience? Even Lucifer had to reject truth to follow the course he did to set himself against his Creator/Sovereign.

            I believe the worst part of those who will be lost will be when they realize how foolish they were to turn from truth, while knowing all along that it was true. The evidence God has given for faith is that clear and obvious. How else could John 16:8 be true?

            • Hello Robert – thank you for the reply. KJV Rom.12:3 reads “… according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.” Yes, it does not say ‘a’ measure it says ‘the’ measure of faith. Regarding atheists, one could say that their position - 'there is no God' - is also based on faith because no one has seen God.
              Yes, it is doubt that always assails faith as we can observe in the experience of Adam and Eve. Faith experienced increases faith, doubt experienced increases doubt; a mixture of faith and doubt leaves you ‘sitting on the fence’ in limbo - Rev.3:15-17.
              Yes, God tells us that no one can come to Him but by faith. Faith is the bridge man crosses to find God - because flesh cannot relate/communicate with Him. Faith is the ONLY bridge that spans the complete separation between flesh and Spirit because God is Spirit. This bridge is used by God toward man as well when using His Holy Spirit to speak whith man.
              One can have faith in Him, oneself or nothing at all – it still is faith – the proof/evidence of which faith is applied is in the pudding(outcome), so to speak!
              God introduced Himself to Moses and the children of Israel as the I AM, the ultimate God, the Beginning. Why would they choose to believe in lesser gods if they had the Patronage of the most High God? As you point out – because man loves unrighteousness more than life itselve! 2Thess2:3-12.


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