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  1. The overall impression I get from reading this part of Ephesians is the invitation to be honest and gracious in our dealings with others. This is much more than "Not telling lies"! There have been people in my circle of interaction who are regarded as having weaponised truth. They speak the truth like explosive sniper's bullets, calculating when and how much of it to reveal so that it does the most damage.

    Nowadays the term "fake news" has become a trending term for describing a collection of facts that provides an alternative explanation of reality. We have always known that politicians have used this approach but they did not invent it. The snake in the Garden was doing that right from the start.

    Then there are those who use the truth to create the impression that "I know more than you do", or "I knew it first".

    The commandment says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" Ex 20:16 and implies much more that telling lies. It has stong implications of how we use the truth in our interaction with others.

    Jesus said, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matt 10:16 and while I understand the context is somewhat different, its meaning applies in all our interactions with others.

    I would like to add that this advice also applies in our sharing of the Gospel. Sometimes, in our enthusiasm for "truth" we forget the bit about giving grace to those who hear.

  2. Ephesians 4:25-32 is telling us about the conduct of a new man.We are being told how to live and not to live.These commands are structured around "putting off" and "putting on".We are only able to obey these commands in Christ.Paul is concerned by us as believers being more like Christ,hence these principles.We are not to destroy relationships and people.These practices are aimed at building a strong community of believers where unconditional love is shown by various selfless actions.

  3. We are all members of one body,connected by the blood of Jesus. Hence, we need to treat one another with love and respect. Love your neighbour as yourself sums it all. We need to continue to protect our unity by building our relationships as members of one body rather than allow ourselves to be used as tools of disunity.

  4. No matter our circumstances of our lives we can still have Ephesians 4:29 as our goal of our speech. I believe truth and overcoming sin in areas like these can be progressive. We learn and try to grow closer to God in our habits everyday. Proverbs 4:18

  5. Preceding the verses expressing the admonition to not lie - be angry – steal - or engage in unwholesome conversation, are the verses pointing out the reason why we no longer engage in such conduct: Eph.4:20-24 – v.23+24 ” ..; and be renewed in the SPIRIT of your mind; that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness”

    I consider our conduct toward each other and how we treat those who are strangers to the faith to be no more ‘optional’ than that we stay faithful to the Truth as taught by Jesus Christ and revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.

    Lying and stealing, misrepresenting the truth, covetousness and jealousy are evidence of an unrepentant, callous heart and the unwilling mind to follow God’s will in one’s new life. If such conduct should be present in the body of Christ, this would call for a serious response by the elders and members of the Body of Christ.

    The unity of the Body of Christ at their place of meeting for worship, the careful, considerate conduct of members to maintain a peaceable, accommodating atmosphere, is essential to the wholesomeness of the corporeal worship of our God. As we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, we engage in loving, caring, and considerate conduct which reveals the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    A divided body of Christ is in dire need of applying the Balm of Gilead for healing, the spirit of Jesus Christ - His Love expressed through righteous conduct! Who else but the spirit of the One who made us is able to restore peace among the members of His Body?

    • The Spirit is faithful to impart Jesus and His way into our 💕 and our minds. I have experienced telling the truth all the time. It seems I have lost all desires to tell a lie, even to save face not only for myself, but also for others. The Spirit will never work through lies, but knowing the truth about oneself and correcting them with the Holy Spirit will set us free. Truth can bring freedom from our own mistakes. Constructive criticism can cure mistakes from happening again

      • Celeste – I appreciate your reply! Yes, I think that lying and dishonesty are among the most egregious, destructive behaviors for Christians to still engage in. How can God's Holy Spirit work in us and through us if we continue to be deceptive about our thoughts and motives?

        If we lack the fortitude to be honest within our own mind, if we manipulate the truth, engaging in self-deception, this shows that we do not trust God to work out the best for us and through us. You say that you 'lost all desire to tell a lie'. I consider this evidence of a changed heart!

        We ought to see 'honesty/truthfulness toward God and ones fellow men' as an absolute necessity in order for the Holy Spirit to bring changes to our heart and mind. In my opinion, these great changes start by being honest with ourselves, truly believing the fundamental truth that we need rescuing from 'self'.

        There is nothing to be held back or to be afraid of by facing 'truth'. We give up lies and self-deception, accepting that the Holy Spirit perceives all things about us already. By being honest we acknowledge and accept that He does, otherwise we are making a mockery of His transformational work in us.

  6. Am I building the faith of others by what I say?

    Is my mouth a microphone for grace?

    Do my conversations and expressions come out of a heart rooted confidently in the grace of God towards myself?

  7. There are 11 items that the Apostle Paul addresses in these 5 verses of Ephesians 4:25-29 and only three of them are about "Speech." But when we go on to take counsel with the other 9 items these 9 along with the 3 about "Speech," are a "Tall Order," that requires a day by day committment to God's service of becoming Sanctified by the truth that is our "Lifetime Work."


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