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  1. Christina Waller for Monday’s lesson mentioned that ‘dying to self’ is an attitude; I agree. I think that our heavenly Father is changing our heart and mind in order to change our attitude.
    What does Stanley mean by becoming “neutral enough”? In my opinion, he means to become ‘still’ enough to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice internally. The change of the believer's heart and mind impacts the voice he follows; this takes place in the spirit of man.

    It would apply to young Samuel who was already ‘still’ in his inner being, already able to ‘tune’ in to hear the voice of the Spirit of God talking to him. Eli’s son might have been too preoccupied with the physical, emotional, and personal aspects of being the son of the priest Eli instead of being the son of God.

    I do not think 'hearing' to be as much a matter of ‘obedience’ as it is more a disposition to ‘hear’; it is a matter of ones, by the Love of the heavenly Father, pre-conditioned attitude.
    We who listen to the voice of God are not reluctantly giving up our own ways of thinking and acting, instead we are glad and joyful that we have our guarding build into our conscience, heart and mind, which directs our path; all we do is follow.

    So, in order to establish the ‘willingness’ to listen, one needs to love the Father with all ones heart and mind and ones fellow man as our old 'self' was loved by the Father in order to change it.


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