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  1. It is generally thought best in this world not to put all one’s eggs in one basket. And good investment advice according to worldly experts is to diversify one’s portfolio, essentially to divide one’s assets between different managers in case one or more fails they may recover among those that succeed. Sometimes Christians take this approach with God, being careful not to commit everything to Him, just in case…

    However Jehovah does not subscribe to the multiple basket rule. With the Creator it is all or nothing (Jeremiah 29:13). He expresses His exclusive claim on the creation through terms like jealous (Exodus 20:5). Those who make half-hearted commitment or seek a part time relationship are said to make God nauseous (Revelation 3:15-16).

    If any believer is not prepared to surrender all such may feel good about the ‘affair’ they think they have with the Lord, but end up with the fate of the harlot (Isaiah 4:1; Ezekiel 16:27-29).

    Be mindful too that the area of one’s life in which God has least control is the area of greatest vulnerability. Whether it be finances, diet, entertainment, dress or something else, if God is excluded or His control limited this becomes a point of failure; for the enemy will capitalize on the opening to invade and destroy. Give to the Creator your all. All to Him surrender (1 Corinthians 10:31).

  2. Indeed requires all not half, he is our creator therefore, we need to depend on Him for the rest of our lives because He promised that his presence will be with us all the way.

  3. Hear too the Grace of God reveal. Look at it this way If you have a son whom you love, and has given in to wayward lifestyle: Drinking, smoking and all manner things. The question is will you cast him out of your life? After multiple warning, the Grace and Love ❤ of God was reveal even more. The people of God turning their back on Him and God fighting to get them back. Shows how truly God loves us. On part of your love ❤ one(your son), the option is to send him to a rehabilitation center for treatment. Painful as it may seem God needed to rehabilitate the people of Judah.

  4. In the first comment that asks how we are going to deal with EGW as compared to how Jeremiah was treated. In some ways I do not see this as a very fair question because Jeremiah was dealt the way he was dealt with while he was living. EGW has been gone for 100 years. All we have is her writings. But in her writings, her most important counsel was for us to guide ourselves by "The Bible And The Bible Only."

    • Actually, both Jeremiah and Ellen still live on don't they? Is the word of God spoken through them made void by their deaths? The Psalmist still speaks today that "...the Truth of the Lord endures forever". Ps 117:2

      I see the question as not only fair, but entirely relevant. Since "every work will be brought into judgment..." we are counseled to "examine yourselves" to see if we are indeed Christ's possession through faith, which is revealed in our works. Jesus said that those who hear and obey will be "like a wise man who built his house on a Rock".

      Now this only works for our benefit if we examine ourselves, not others. Is the Word of God (through whomever He sends it to us) the lamp for our feet and light for our path, or do our works testify that we have followed another voice in a different direction? (Don't forget, the other voice is always seeking to mislead!) It is to our advantage to "study to show ourselves approved unto God".

      The Pen still writes today, upon our hearts, "if" we are willing to allow it. The Holy Spirit of God has been the Ink in that pen throughout the ages. Whether the words of Moses, Jeremiah, Christ or Ellen, faith and it's obedience will be found only in the undivided heart.

      • Absolutely not! EGW has been dead for 100 years. Jeremiah was very much alive during his unfair treatment. God's Holy Spirit is still with us now and God's Word is also still with us. But Jeremiah never said "The Bible and The Bible Only." EGW said that and Martin Luther also said that. So NO!, EGW and Jeremiah are not very much alive today. But God's Holy Spirit is and The Bible and The Bible Only is, and God the Father Himself also is!

        • Moses is dead, but every word written has as much force today as back then. Daniel is dead, but he was told he would "stand in [his] lot" in our day, as if he were still alive. There is no less truth now as then. The words written are eternal(Ps 117:2) and have not diminished in the least. Whenever God speaks, regardless of the individual He speaks through, His word is everlasting. The Holy Spirit only comes to us through the truth of these words and does not depart from them.

          While circumstances may vary how we relate to truth, the truth remains and is applicable to our present circumstances.

          • Robert, I would suggest that there is another useful text in Hebrews.

            "By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain... and through it HE BEING DEAD STILL SPEAKS". (Heb 11:4 NKJV)

            Even though Abel is dead, the Bible is clear - Abel still speaks through the sacrifice he offered. He still speaks because a record of what happened has been kept. Abel's offering continues to speak; perhaps even his blood continues to cry from the ground (Gen 4:10). But the principle seems clear, and so it is also that the prophets continue to speak.

            (Just a side note Robert - I would suggest re-considering the thought that Moses is dead.)

          • Yes Stewart, Moses IS alive! 🙂 I should have said he WAS dead, and no longer dwells among us, but the living testimony of his writings, (by which all other writings are supported or refuted) still brings life to all who believe them as the Living Word of God.

  5. While we were sinners Jesus died for us and we should love God willingly not by passion because he gave us his only son,to die for us.

  6. Pete. I thibk Robert is saying that the words of EGW and Jeremiah are still valid today and give us additional counsel and guidance when we study. Yes, they have both died but through studying the Bible and EGW teachings and prayer. The Holy Spirit gives us more understanding. Have a blessed day.

  7. I don't consider myself "petty"...easily offended by trivia, but I must confess that the imagery accompanying Wednesday's study bothered me. For centuries the beating organ within every human chest has been strongly identified with our human emotions, most likely because we feel its rhythm change along with our emotions (especially fear!). I am bothered because the imagery appears along with Jer 29: 13. So what's the big deal? God's message through Jeremiah to the captives in Babylon was, you'll "find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart." It sounds similar to Christ's summary of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart" (Mt 22: 37) which He called "the first and great commandment." (Mt 22: 38) Ten lessons in, Jeremiah has had a lot to say about the "heart" (Jer 3:7; 4:4, 14; 7:24; 9:26; 17:1, 9-10) and thankfully it isn't all bad (Jer 3:15, 17; 15:16; 24:7; 31). One of my favorites will appear in next week's study (Jer 31:20, 33)...what a forgiving and helpful God! Clearly, though, the "heart" is a VERY important place to its Creator.
    The organ in the chest bears some resemblance to the Scriptural "heart": Scripture says of physical blood, "it is the life" (Lev 17:14) and the organ in the chest only serve to pump this "life" all over the body. The Scriptural "heart" is the place from which "spring the issues of life" (Prov 4:23) and Jesus identifies it as the place from which evil thoughts arise (Mt 9:4) and "defile" us (Mk 7:20-23). Since Jeremiah has told God's people the true nature of our "heart" (Jer 17:1,9) and the need for a "heart transplant" (Jer 31:33; Eze 36:26-27), shouldn't that image have featured a gift wrapped brain instead? The imagery deceptively deflects attention away from the true place of the Creator's supreme regard. (1 Pt 3:4; Isaiah 57:15)

    • Yes, our brain is where we do all our thinking, analysing, and choosing etc. It is here that God's Holy Spirit comunicates to us His Words of salvation and life in Jesus.

      Yes, A gift wrapped brain does make more sense for the imagery. But we are so fearfully and wonderfully made that without the heart the brain would have no life either. Maybe the wrapped gift should have had a brain and the heart in the middle of it?

      • Pete, I completely agree with you that man is "fearfully and wonderfully made", but the brain wouldn't last a day without the lungs, liver or kidneys either!Emoji I wasn't discounting the physiological importance of the pump in the chest. I was seeking to highlight a widespread, long-standing misassociation of the organ in the chest (unfortunately called the heart) with the true place of the Creator's interest, which the imagery was perpetuating. No other organ in the body can or should share the stage with the brain with respect to thought, character and behavior. If, according to Jesus, the Scriptural "heart" is responsible for our defilement (Mk 7:20-23) then consider the importance of the brain within the context of the message contained in Isaiah 53:5-6. Christ was "wounded for our transgressions"...what was the transgression? Like sheep, we have "gone astray"...how?..."EVERY ONE" has turned "to his OWN WAY"! Praise God, His good news to humanity is, "by His stripes WE ARE HEALED"!! Nothing listed in Mk 7:21-22 is in accordance with God's way, our brains all bear Adam's inescapable stamp (Rom 5:12; Isaiah 1:6). Praise God, our Savior, the brains of Adam's descendants may find health again through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God!! (Jn 1:29; Rom 5:18; Heb 8:10)

        • I don't know of anyone that associates the term "heart" in the Bible with the main organ of circulation. I have always understood it as the very core of our being, the seat of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is where the moral character resides, yes, in our brain. But the brain has many functions while the "heart" of the mind is where we are defined by either faith or unbelief.

          The illustration seem fitting enough for any who understand and follow the teachings of the Bible. Even the world outside uses this term in the same fashion, which is why it is presented this way in scripture.

          • Robert, my point is that the red icon in the illustration is NOT widely associated with the place of thought, decision and intellect. Yet the text it was associated with (Jer 29:13) is requiring, not an emotional response, but one of conscious intentional action (that is "search [the action]..for Me [specificity]...with all your heart [complete conscious decision]). But given Jeremiah's declarations regarding the brain condition of God's chosen people (Jer 9:26; 17:9 etc) they clearly didn't understand the Creator's truth regarding their reality (Deut 5:29; Ps 95:10-11). Today we can avoid their mistake by speaking accurately (the Creator's truth) about the condition of the human brain (Isaiah 53:6; Rom 3:9,11-12). Better yet, we may benefit from their mistake by not just speaking accurately, but also accepting the Creator's truth about ourselves along with His kind plan for our restoration (Isaiah 53:5,11; Rom 3:21-23). I maintain that the imagery does God's message a disservice as surely as if, say, a foot was depicted inside the box.


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