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  1. As we live our lives today like the children of Israel, we hold
    on to the promise of the second coming of Christ, our salvation as they held on to see the Promised land.

  2. The promise God gives me today, that He will be my God comes as it did with all of His people with gifts and blessings.

    He fought and is fighting the enemy and redeemed me to Himself. My burdens caused by bondage to sin and human weaknesses He constantly and consistently removes.

    He reveals Himself daily and is ever present to encourage. He lets me know when I feel like I’m peculiar and different, that I am worth a great treasure to Him. He lets me know He has a place and a work for me to do in His strength. There is no failure when trusting and responding to Him.

  3. Relationship is a word placed to strong tests lately! Harsh situations make people stop to think about a lot of things, including their relationships! What is the quality of the relationship we are having with our church members, colleagues at work,family, sons or daughters, spouse? What about with ourselves? And ultimately, with God?
    May we rethink all of our immediate relationships, thus seizing the opportunity to make them better, to reflect in the church so we can be more efficient to finish the mission everyone of us has!

  4. And Pharaoh called for Moses and for Aaron, and said, Go ye, sacrifice to your God in the land. Ex 8:25

    The Covenant With Moses
    Songs came to my mind- Great is thy faithfulness oh God my Father. #100.
    Sweet promise is given to all who believe. # 600

    Read Exodus 6:1-8 and then answer these questions:
    Great and marvelous are his works, his very name is worthy to be praised. The Lord always keeps his promises to all generations and through all the generations of the earth. He cant lie, he is not like men. He keeps his words.
    In Gen 12:1-3 approx four hundred years ago the Lord appeared to Abraham with the covenant promised about what will happen to the Israelites but he will defend them and let them go out of bondage. He also stated he will make them a great nation although they were the smallest and youngest and the less experience of all the nations at that time. Here he appears to Moses with the renewed covenant promised reminding him what he said to Abraham. It didn't mattered how long it took, the Lord will keep his side of the covenant.
    Within the promise, Abraham and his descendants had to keep their part. To be obedient. The Lord expected them to be obedient in every areas of their lives. Do what they said they will do. Go where they are told to go, never trying to challenge the Lord. We have seen what happened when they kept their side and what happened when they disobeyed.

    The Lord had made a promised with me before. It is biblical. I am seeing the fulfillment of same everyday I live. He is faithful.

    • Maurice and Carmel are on a camping trip in their "troopy." Sometimes he has access to the internet and sometimes not. They ran into a spate of bad weather when they were confined in their troopy. The last we heard, they had arrived back in sunshine country. But he can share some details himself when he has time.

  5. The LORD's covenant with the children of Israel.

    I discovered that DNA of the new covenant is also found in the Covenant with Israel.

    1) Sanctification:
    Ex 31:13 - I am the LORD who sanctifies you (makes you holy like Me)
    Deut 6:5-6 - My Principles of Life will be in your heart

    Lev 26: 9-13 The LORD outlines reasons to stay in a relationship with Him and steps He will take to get them to return to Him if they stray, so He can walk among them, be their God and they be His people

    Deut 4:6-8 - when people see how wise their LORD is and how close He is to them, they will want to get to know Him as well.
    Ps 67:1-2 - bless us so your way will known among the nations
    Eze 36:23 - return to Me and then the heathens will know My Name

    4) Justification:
    Ex 34:1-7 While Moses holds the Ten Words, the LORD reveals His character of loving kindness and forgiveness
    The whole sanctuary system provides for substitutionary sacrifices and atonement
    Psa 32:1-2 KJV  Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.  (2)  Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.


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