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Wednesday: From Friction to Forgiveness — 15 Comments

  1. it would be foolishness not to take advantage of forgiveness to heal ourself but allow someone else to inflict more harm

  2. so when Paul and Barnabas went on to do GOD's work Mark left them in Pamphylia, Mark was young, we don't know why he left but the point is he left and it may not have been for a good reason because Paul's reaction would not have come as we like to say in Trini "...jes so..." but in the end this very Paul says the Mark is profitable for Ministry 2nd Tim4:11. So question, how are we to react to persons who disapoint us? How are we as leaders to react to persons who don't function or do as they are asked??? What should our reaction be?????

    • Hi Winston,
      I have keenly read your work and given it a considerable thought. Have you ever wondered why children are incoporated in domestic work? Obviously they are made to believe their iz recognised and appreciated. Their work come in faults and disappoinrments yet they should be encouraged to do better by appreciating the little whole-hearted effort made. Thus they feel part and parcel of the family.

  3. It is very important to forgive others as true forgiveness brings healing to all parties involved in hurting situations. In addition, the sign of spiritual maturity: is the ability to truly forgive others who have wronged us.

  4. The more we look and focus on something, the more influence it has with us. However, looking at how God forgives us goes deeper. We can let that forgiveness as well as His love and care into our hearts to heal us where we need it most. Because of this healing and His example, we will humbly be generous with others and forgive them.

  5. God invites us in His School,so that He may teach us how to forgive our brothers and sisters.He is always remiding us that without Him we can do nothing.It all depends with our choice in Rev 3:20

  6. The forgiveness that I have in Jesus does not make my sins 'okay' because they definitely aren't. Therefore the freedom I received when I forgave the one person who harmed me the most was greater than the punishment that he could have received. Today it breaks my heart that he didn't accept what Jesus did for Him.

  7. Being unforgiving and bearing grudges hurts. The way to heal is by forgiving one another as the Word teaches. In so doing, we feel free and at peace...

    May God help us to always apply this great principle.

  8. Yes I believe that focusing in the forgiveness that we have in Christ helps us to forgive others too. Wow, just to think that we have been forgiven from all our sins, and we have been made sons and daughters of the king of the universe through the death of his son is wonderful.

    There is a psychological principle that says that we become like the things we behold often, or in other words by beholding we become changed into the likeness of what we behold. When we see Jesus in his sacrificial state on the cross, and we see that he forgave humanity while we were still enemies, this changes us into Jesus' image. "The fact that we are under so great obligation to Christ places us under the most sacred obligation to those whom He died to redeem.
    We are to manifest toward them the same sympathy, the same tender compassion and unselfish love, which Christ has manifested toward us"- God's Amazing Grace, p. 328. "The mercy of Christ in forgiving the iniquities of men teaches us that there must be free forgiveness of wrongs and sins that are committed against us by our fellow men...The principle upon which Christ acted in seeking the recovery of the human family through the plan of salvation was the very same principle that must actuate His followers in their dealings one with another when brought into church capacity"-The Upward Look, p. 43.

  9. [Moderator note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

    I believe that forgiveness is also an indicator of humility. To forgive requires taking one's ego (self-centeredness) out of the equation and putting God's superego (love and compassion) in the equation.

  10. Amen, If we can not forgive those who wronged us it means we don't knw the word 'peace' so it wil mean we are not truely reformed and revived

  11. God loved us and forgave us unconditionally, and so God's will for us is to love and forgive each other unconditionally. And again, this will only be possible when Christ is constantly abiding in us. We will not waste precious time to point out the faults on those who wronged us but rather commend their good deeds and allow the Holy Spirit to convict them of their shortcomings and enabled them to see the genuine reflection of Christ's character on us that will lead to repentence and confession. There's no mension of Paul complaining and pointing out John Mark's faults but rather Paul pointed out John Mark's acceptional performance and gifts for the Ministry. (Philipians 2: 14, 15 & 16) "Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast the Word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain." When it comes to forgiveness, we must attain to that level Jesus wants us to be; "love your enemy, do good to those who despitefully hate you, and pray for those who reviled against you." And again, all this is only possible when Christ is abiding in the Soul. For Jesus declared; "I am the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life. Finally brothers and sisters, Philipians 4: 8., is our constant encouragement for a daily purification of our minds and spirit. Cheers!!!

  12. The majority of the people who offend us have no idea what they are doing. Take for example;
    • My culture, which perceives direct eye contact as “offensive and rude” compared to others which perceive direct eye contact as respectful.
    • My culture, which perceives taking off shoes before entering the host's home as respectful, as compared to others which perceive entering the host’s home barefooted as "nasty" and disrespectful.

    Can you imagine someone being upset at you, for doing something you considered respectful and to their honor?

    Likewise, our earthly culture is so worldly and unbelievably so far from the Heavenly cultural standards. Sometimes we bring our filthy rugs to Jesus thinking we are doing Him a favor. However, He understands we do not know what we are doing and that’s why He forgives us way in advance.

  13. Are you many times hurt by some one or other ? Some time they use your forgivenes (as lord prayer teach us)For they purpose again and again
    How to wise reffer to scripture? Thanks


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