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Wednesday: Liberty Not Licentiousness — 3 Comments

  1. Today's lesson is still linked to the discussion of the dangers of liberty and legalism. It clearly points out that legalism invariably leads to the sin of licentiousness. Paul reinforces the message contained in Romans 6 that asserts that we're not set free to serve the flesh but rather to serve our Lord and Master Jesus as well as each other in love. What's interesting is that once a child of God experiences this freedom, it then stimulates a desire to love, obey the law of God and gain a better understanding of the Almighty God's will. However, if one is immersed in legalism and licentiousness, then we find ourselves invariably being proud and arrogant as well as embracing self-righteousness. Moreover, it must always be remembered that the liberty Christ grants us, frees us from sin and fills us with the Holy Ghost in order to be lead a Spirit-led life.

    • Bulumko, you make an interesting point when you write that "legalism invariably leads to the sin of licentiousness." Perhaps you are correct - a focus on doing things in order to be saved separates us from the power of God that is given to us through His grace. And there is no limit to how low people will fall when they try to get to heaven on their own goodness.

      Perhaps that is why there appear to be more sexual abuse and the grossest sexual sins among adherents of super strict religionists - whether they be Adventists, other strict Protestant groups, Muslims or any others with apparently strict standards. An outward show of great piety often covers a depth of depravity.

  2. What exactly did the Apostle Paul mean with the words in Romans 6:3 where he says that those who were Baptized into Christ Jesus were "Baptized into His death?" Jesus became SIN and died for ALL SIN. But NO ONE can die for their OWN SIN nor anyone elses' sin. I realize that Baptism is symbolic of dying to THE OLD LIFE OF SIN. But the idea of BAPTISM ALSO BEING A SYMBOL OF BEING BAPTIZED INTO JESUS' DEATH TOO, that one I have trouble understanding?


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