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Wednesday: The Duration of God’s Law — 4 Comments

  1. The main text for the day's lesson appears to be Gal. 3:16-19. The author's intent seems to be to affirm the perpetuity of the Law in view of this passage. However, in considering this passage, we must not forget the context within which Paul is arguing. He is arguing for the primacy of the gospel promise. In this context, he argues that the Law/Torah which the Judaizers were so intent on promoting as being part of the gospel, was given 430 years after the gospel promise. It does not invalidate the promise. The eternal nature of the Law of God is not at issue here.

    It might help to point out that the Jews recognized that the whole Law could be summarized as supreme love to God and loving one's neighbor as oneself, as verified by Jesus. Mark 12:29-31.

    Adding to that Paul's teaching that love fulfills the Law (Ro 13:8,10; Gal 5:14) and that the essential character of God is Love (1 John 4:7-21), we can see that the Law of God is as eternal as He is and not a temporary measure - even without the evidence cited above.

    Paul then goes on to deal with the purpose of expressing the Law in the form it was given at Mt Sinai.

  2. "Christ can do what the law could never do — provide a true remedy for sin, that is, justify sinners and by His Spirit fulfill His law in them (Rom. 8:3-4)."

    This statement is the essence of the gospel. The gospel is the good news where God forgives & fixes cooperating guilty & depraved Earthlings by grace.

    Jesus can justify, pardon, forgive & reconcile humans by his death and those who by faith accept this can receive the PROMISE (Gal 3:14) of the Holy Spirt and be SAVED....restored, decriminalized, rebellion cessation , sin eradication, character transformed, mind renewed (fixed) to the image of God in man.(TIT 3:5) See Rom 5:9 & 10

    The PROMISE for Galatians & us mentioned in Galatians is the Holy Spirit.
    Paul uses the story of Abraham to give the clue on how it is received and is upset at them trying to be made PERFECT in the flesh..because they only can be made perfect by cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

  3. At the same time we seem to fade away with God's presence in our lives, we humans do not explain quite right where we came from and where we are going to. Perhaps there were times where all the possible "miracle" imagery and sound were necessary, but not today. We've got our own special effects! The time now may call for real feelings of rational love - being that no contradiction! God still exists as in the past, but we easily fail to recognize Him! He continues to perform wonders in people's lives, but we just seem to be blind to that! When fire and thunders were here we did not pay attention. When the best of God's demonstration of pationate love for humanity came we killed Him! We certainly have a personality disruption... Rsrsr! And still, God continues to love us all! Now that's a real miracle I cannot explain!

  4. So, what promise was made to "The offspring," (Jesus,) in Galatians 3:19? I think that the answer to that is found in Hebrews 7:21. The promise to Jesus from his Father was and is that he (Jesus,) would start reigning as king, priest, and sacrifice, after the order of Melchizedek for all of humanity from promise made at Genesis 3:15 till promise fulfilled at John 19:30 and that from that time onward salvation that has always been by faith in him and not by works of the law would go on in him and by him until he comes in power and great glory, soon and very soon. Amen!


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