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  1. Regarding 2 Peter 1:20 there arises the question, as to what is an authorized interpretation and what is not. As time and space is far to short to expound on that, I should like to remind the reader on the apostolic preaching of Peter and the apostles. In Acts 2 Peter is lining out the fulfilment of Prophecy by pointing to Old Testament passages giving them a christological interpretation even climaxing with the second coming of Christ. (Acts 3:19-21) The christological interpreation of Old Testament promises is a pentecostal act of the Holy Spirit moving the apostles toward the right interpretation.

    Hence, the apostolic interpretation is authorized by the Holy Spirit on the basis of scripture. We do not have a personal succession of apostles, although there is an apostolic succession of prophetic truth already interpreted. The false prophets are misinterpreting Paul twisting his statements in the direction of freedom in sin. (2 Peter 2:1; 3:16) Their interpreattion is of a private nature as they totally misunderstand the scripture and spirit guided authority of apostolic proclamation as coming down from heaven and proclaiming fulfilment of Old Testmend Prophecy. (1 Peter 1:12) They are falling away from the apostolic succession of truth. (2 Peter 1:12)

    Winfried Stolpmann

  2. So true, as we see today, individuals drifting off into areas re the Holy Spirit. This comes about because of people following one "guru" who thinks he has a new piece of light.

  3. I believe that PETER refers to PROPHECY as it related to confirming JESUS as GOD and MESSIAH---probably the 9th Chapter of Daniel chapter 9:24-27. In the FOUR GOSPELS of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, JESUS is only recorded as alluding to PROPHECY Only to Daniel and only to that part of THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION. The only book in the BIBLE that is 100% PROPHECTIC is the book of REVELATION. The FOUR GOSPELS are about maybe 10% PROPHECY and mainly in the book of MATTHEW.

  4. Wow! Just Wow! Scripture is for correction, and I\'ve been corrected.
    This weeks lesson is just going over what I\'ve thoroughly studied, so I felt it a waste of my time, but doing it anyway.
    Then I realize that I\'ve been proud and smug.
    I\'ve studied, and the Lord had given me words to help me realize where I really need to improve in my walk with Him. But I\'ve been skipping Sabbath school.
    Don\'t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy Sabbath school, but I\'ve not been getting up in time to go.
    Now I\'ve studied today\'s lesson and see how wrong that is.
    Thank You, Lord for correction and instruction in righteousness.

  5. While it is true that prophecy is of no private interpretation....It is regularly scheduled private time with Jesus and His word that sharpens our understanding. We learn to search line up line, and precept upon precept. But, even so...the book of Acts demonstrate the value of discussing with those appointed as leaders and those who have a solid relationship with the Lord who can answer with very plain and multiple scriptures. Recently, I have been writing about the fallacy of the rapture scenarios as espoused by Bible fiction books and Hollywood movies. Too many out there that depend on Bible fiction writers for their Bible feeding, when they should study on their own. The Rapture story is built off of pieces of misinterpreted bible verses.

  6. I believe if we prayerfully study the word of God for ourselves, He will lead and direct us to the truth the we need to know. Jesus admonish us to in John to search the scriptures, the problem is we are depending on other to search it for us and tell us what they believe because we don't make time to search it ourselves like the berians did in Paul's day. And so we are deceiving ourselves.


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