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  1. Thank you, Tyler, for reminding us of two very important things:

    1) God speaks to His created beings in their language and their culture. The covenant with Abraham was ratified with blood in a way that seems very strange to us, indeed, but it was the way that serious covenants were ratified in the time of Abraham. What condescension on God's part!

    2) The other critically important point I see in your post is that there are two types of covenants, and the Abrahamic covenant was not of the nature of a two-way contract between equals. It was a one-sided covenant in which God, as Lord, promised everything, and Abraham promised nothing. He only believed that God would do what He said He would, in spite of the fact that all evidence was against it. In other words, He trusted God completely.

    It's the only kind of covenant that is of any benefit to humanity. God is so infinitely good and great that there is nothing we have to offer Him, except our implicit trust. And that's where the people of Israel, at Sinai, made a mistake: They thought they could make a two-sided contract with God and offer Him their obedience in exchange for His salvation. And that's what made the covenant "old" and useless. It could not save them but only condemn them.

    I wonder how often we fall into the same error - thinking that God owes us something for being "good."

  2. As an Evangelist you are there tell the world who Jesus Christ is His ministry of salvation,and because all born again are ministers of the gospel and so we will have to work, by telling the world which we are accordance to the book of John 3:17.


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