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    Shocking is to note that its only Soul who saw the light ,others only heard the voice. Ananias was shocked and maybe terrified about Paul's repentance. the same happenes to us when we see those who abuse us coming to see help.

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    Could someone please help me in explaining Acts 9:1-3, were high priests aiding Saul in persecuting believers by providing him with letters of membership?

    • I, too, am confused by this of Ananias, I thought that he was dead. I really need clarity on this. . .HELP!!

      • It is confusing - Ananias, the husband of Saphira was dead. This is a different person. Same name - different location, too. There was a third man mentioned in the Bible with the same name.

  3. Putting myself in Paul's shoes is a very amazing thing to do, but as Christians we relate to the faith of Ananias much easier. He had to experience a lot of fear and reservation, yet he followed Christ's command and what a blessing it was. How often do we hear Christ speaking to us in a similar way? How often would Christ like to speak to us, but our ears are closed? May we have the relationship and faith of Ananias and be willing to step out of our comfort zone for the sake of the lost.


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