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  1. Yes, the redeemed will call God "Father" in the fullest meaning of the word, but more than this, they will show themselves His sons and daughters, loving whom He loves and giving themselves as completely as He did for even His enemies. Like Him, they will be Peacemakers. (Matt 5:9,44,45)

  2. Lillianne, My heart swells up inside me while reading this article. All I can say is THANK YOU for reminding me of the love of my Heavenly Father.

  3. You have touched me O Loving God. I love You so much. Please keep me near you and protect me from the evil one. Amen

  4. Lillianne, that is the most touching article I have had the oportunity to read in a very long time if ever. It brought tears to my eyes that doesn't happen very often. It shows how much we take for granted, the importance and depth, of our all loving Father in heaven. Our love for God and our fellow humans is the most important command we are given, and I think this article demonstrates how this is done. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am speechless. How ridiculous human nature is ? I am sure we're all alike in this context. How soon do we forget the love of our heavenly father. We often mix up the feelings sensations of true agape love with the feelings of Eros or of any other ordinary love and fail to understand the true love of our heavenly father. Jesus once again asking all of us as he did ask to Peter "Do you love me ?" Let's grab an opportunity to respond positively !

  6. Wow! Breathtakingly beautiful. You make God seem very real, not distant, not disconnected, not uninterested. Thank God for His love and for teaching me to love Him as Father. At first it was very difficult. I couldn't relate to Him, only to Jesus. But I have told Him I want to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I can't identify the exact day, month or year when I could lovingly and confidently call Him Father. But I do now. Thanks for the beautiful article.

  7. This story Inspire me to declare that Every time we decide to save life of some one we express the Love of God. Let us express God's Love by saving lives.

  8. I find this really hard to comprehend! Look at us; a tiny, negligible speck( our planet,not to mention it's occupant-us) in the middle of nowhere in the vast expanse of the limitless universe.He came down to to seek and save us?! Lord please help me to know and appreciate this LOVE?!

    • Kofi, if you can believe the Bible, the evidence of this love is abundant. Our "negligible speck" is the birth-place and home of our Savior, who is one of us, and our heavenly Father will also make this earth His eternal abode when the sin that prevents that now is cleansed from it. This is a demonstration that words cannot equate. It says everything when we understand why He chose this world in which to become one of His creatures. His promises and teachings are to be accepted and believed. They are true and the peace He gives us is as real as our faith in Him.

      Take His yoke [by learning of Him] and find the rest He offers in it. Nothing else will help you know and appreciate His love more than following His instructions.

      Don't try to comprehend, only believe what is clear to you and follow it faithfully. Comprehension comes with experience through faith. It cannot be intellectually grasped for our intellect is insufficient. It must be experienced, and only then will the intellect begin to understand it.

  9. Keeping His Commandments; tithing; sharing one's testimony; telling others about Jesus; it all becomes natural and easy to fulfill, when it's in response to God's love. A response of gratitude, if you will!

  10. I always listen to u on hope channel sabbath school every Friday am so glad how the lesson was teaching by the pastor, am trying to do the same in my class . This quarter's lesson is extra ordinary .the Father's love is totally different unconditional, the (agape) and understandable love . From Lawrence . New York. Thank u all class members God will richly bless u amen.


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