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Inspired Commentary

Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen WhiteBeginning of the End - a condensation of Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen WhiteWithout question, the best resource for the study of the book of Genesis is Ellen G. White’s inspired commentary, Patriarchs and Prophets. If you’ve never read it, now is the time. If you’ve read it before, now is the time to read it over again, and you will see things you didn’t see before. Alternately, there’s the modern-language digest version Beginning of the End. If you’ve read the full original version before, I suggest you read the modern-language digest this time. You’ll be surprised how much it sounds like the original – being much shorter without seeming to leave anything out. 

If English is not your first language, I highly recommend Beginning of the End. I’ve rea the original multiple times, and I really enjoy the digest version. I hope you will too. 

2022 Q2 Genesis Bible Study Guide

The 2022 Q2 Genesis Bible Study Guide is devoted to the study of Genesis

Genesis: Book of BeginningsBible Bookshelf: Genesis by Jacques DoukhanYou may download the full lesson quarterly for studying Genesis in Kindle format from Amazon.  The study guide has been prepared by Jacques B. Doukhan, emeritus professor of Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis in the SDA Theological Seminary, Andrews University. You can order a paper copy of the lesson quarterly as well as resource books from the Adventist Book Center

The Bible Bookshelf companion book is Genesis, is also written by Jacques B. Doukhan. It is available in Kindle format or as a paperback book

Ellen G. White Notes for Genesis 2022b(While you are at Amazon, you may want to try Amazon Prime – 30-Day Free Trial and get free 2-day shipping on most items plus other benefits.) You can also order the paper lesson in various formats from your Adventist Book Center (Call 1-800-765-6955).

Ellen White Notes for Genesis April, May June, is the Pacific Press edition of Ellen White notes These are available in Paperback format from the Adventist Book Center. The Kindle version is available  on Amazon.

(Note: We get a small commission if you purchase books through our Amazon links but not the Adventist Book Center links.)

Science and Creation in Genesis

Also see our Creation and Science Page

Creation? Really? Book by Adventist scientist Leonard Brand

Creation? Really? by Leonard Brand (PacificPress,2019) is a great little book to share with someone who is challenged by scientific fact and how it relates to evolution and creation. Maybe you think that creation has to be accepted by blind faith? See how faith and the evidence really relate to each other. The strong emphasis on keeping an open mind is a good example for those of us who “already know the answer.” The book is written as a conversation between two well-educated scientists, which makes it very readable. In the conversation we get a chance to look at the scientific evidence on both sides and and see how both arguments can be affected by assumptions and traditions. Highly  recommended,  and  it  won’t  take  much  of  your  time  or  money.

Leonard Brand, Genesis and Science: Where the Evidence is going. Genesis And Science: Where Is The Evidence Going? by Leonard Brand (Pacific Press, 2020) “Our faith is in the God of the Bible and is not dependent on scientific verification. But science has been bringing to light much new evidence that is encouraging to a Bible believer.”

Geological research, is accumulating evidence in favor of a biblical worldview, while the theory of biological macroevolution is facing deadly new criticism. In this little volume,  Brand challenges the reader to approach these polarizing subjects with an open mind and “to thoughtfully consider the options. Brand is a careful scientist, and you can e sure that he is not overstating his case. 

God, Science, Friends: And God's Love for You by Leonard BrandGod, Science, Friends: And God’s Love for You, by Leonard Brand (Pacific Press 2020). Written in the format of a conversation between Jane and Carson and Uncle Leonard, this book aims to make the story of creation and the science surrounding it accessible to children. 

“”Do you ever have questions about creation and science and stuff? Do you wonder why some adults tell you that we came from monkeys? Should you believe the Bible all the time? You’ll enjoy Uncle Leonard’s stories as much as Jane and Carson! Best of all, you can get your questions answered along the way. Kids are constantly bombarded with explanations of the earth being millions of years old and evolution turning monkeys into people. It can very confusing. Dr. Leonard Brand tells the entire story from creation through the plan of salvation—and he shares real, scientific evidence in stories that kids will enjoy and understand. Along the way he teaches what science really proves about origins, the flood, dinosaurs, and a lot more.”

Creation and Evolution by Dwight Nelson

Creation and Evolution by Dwight Nelson asks, “Did a loving God create this earth or are we the random product of millions of years of natural selection? Is the Bible teaching of a literal six-day creation viable, given the scientific evidence pointing toward evolution? Or can both theories be successfully blended into one?”

Take a look at the evidence, prayerfully search your heart, and then draw your own conclusions. The fact is that since no one was there “in the beginning,” both theories of origin require faith—a perfect requirement for the one who wants to know the truth about the beginning . . . and the ending.

Flood by Design by Michael OardPeter told us that in the end times people would forget the deluge that buried the antediluvian world. And so they have. But there is some compelling evidence for the Flood, and some of that is found in the topography of North America. In Flood By Design, Michael Oard demonstrates what likely happened during the seven months the waters retreated from the earth.  I’ve found this book to be a very good read, explaining much of what I’ve seen criss-crossing this continent. It has lots of illustrations and would be suitable for interested students from middle school on up. 

Some Helpful Articles on Creation

Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle – Does the evolution-creation debate really matter? What difference does it make? This article answers those questions and more in an good overview of the competing views of evolutionism and young-earth creationism. From Answers in Genesis. (Not an Adventist site.)

The 10 Best Evidences from Science That Confirm a Young Earth written for the lay person.

Genesis Verse-by-Verse for the lay person 

Six Literal Days Looking at the evidence that the days of Genesis were the same as the days we experience today.

Did the Bible Authors Believe in a Literal Genesis Let’s examine what the Bible writers believed about the book of Genesis.

Why Does Creation Matter? Does what we believe about Genesis 1-11 matter in our everyday life? Is it better not to argue about Genesis, as long as people believe that “God did it”? The page links to several articles exploring this topic. 

Audio-visual Resources

Is Genesis History? Fascinating documentary film based on the Mt. St. Helens incident. Link provides overview plus extra resources below video. The full documentary is also available for free on Youtube. (1 hr 45 min)
And if you don’t have time to view the full video at once, you can see it in small snippets on the Is Genesis History? Youtube channel. It helps to be aware that Seventh-day Adventists don’t believe that God created the whole universe on the first day of the Genesis account – only this planet or solar system. In fact, the actual matter of this planet may have been created in its “without form and void” form long before. We just don’t know. But the Genesis account does say that the Lord, through His Word, prepared the planet for life and then created living creatures, including man to in habit it. 

How long were the creation days? (12 min.)

Do Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 constitute two different creation accounts? (6 min.)

And here’s a good summary of current creation science thinking on what happened in Noah’s Flood. It’s easy to watch and well done. (24 min.)

MCreation and Science Resources 

The Creation and Science Resources  on our site lists a lot of creation and science resources for further exploration. Some resources are of greatest interest to those with a science education, but most are comprehensible by the ordinary thinking reader.

The Genesis Flood by Whitcomb and MorrisA Creation Science classic, The Genesis Flood by John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris  is a definitive book on the great Deluge, still relevant after 50 years in print. If you want to dive deep into the subject, this is the book for you. While some new aspects of the Flood have been examined, the basic facts remain. 

This book is unfortunately only available in hard copy, not on Kindle. 


Reading the Genesis Stories

Through the Eyes of Ancients, by R Dean DavisThrough the Eyes of the Ancients: The Books of Moses, by R. Dean Davis (Pacific Press, 2021) “Written in a heart-warming and condensed story form, Through the Eyes of the Ancients is an inspirational and instructional guide that unveils how the original Hebrew audience interpreted the books of Moses. Author Dean Davis points the way by acquainting us with ancient Hebrew customs, expressions, and literary style. As we follow stories of the gradual spiritual growth of the patriarchs, we begin to better understand the heart of a tender, loving, personal God and His everlasting covenant of grace. That revelation can draw us closer to God.”

Genesis Verse-by-Verse for the lay person – an online resource.




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