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Bible & EGW Quotes — 3 Comments

  1. I have been searching for the EGW helps on each of the lessons. Can you help me find them for the 2nd qtr

  2. It appears that this quarter we either need to buy the separate book or do our own research in EGW books. Former quarterlies always had some excellent quotes on Friday's study page, but this quarterly has chosen not to do that. Other than one sentence or perhaps two, there is no content from EGW in the present quarterly.

    However, you can still access an expanded context of these single sentences from EGW by clicking on the reference link in the SSnet quarterly presentation each week.

    For this week, April 14, 2012,
    the link is:

    Also, the author of the quarterly seems to be using the same thoughts that can be found in EGW's writings.


    Here is one quote from EGW that fits the lesson for April 14, 2012

    " The strength of an army is measured largely by the efficiency of the men in the ranks. A wise general instructs his officers to train every soldier for active service. He seeks to develop the highest efficiency possible on the part of all. If he were to depend upon his officers alone, he could never expect to conduct a successful campaign. He counts on loyal, untiring service from every man in his army. The responsibility rests largely upon the men in the ranks. {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 6}
    And so it is in the army of Prince Emmanuel. Our General, who has never lost a battle, expects willing service from every one who has enlisted under his banner. In the closing controversy now waging between the forces for good and the hosts of evil, he expects all, laymen as well as ministers, to take part. All who have enlisted as soldiers of his, are to render faithful service as minutemen, with a keen sense of the responsibility resting upon them individually. {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 7}
    Those who have the spiritual oversight of the church should devise ways and means by which an opportunity may be given to every member of the church to act some part in God's work. This has not always been done in the past. Plans have not been fully carried out whereby the talent of all might be employed in active service. There are but few who realize how much has been lost because of this. {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 8}
    The leaders in God's cause, as wise generals, are to lay plans for advance moves all along the line. In their planning, they are to give special study to the work that can be done by the laity for their friends and neighbors. The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church-membership, rally to the work, and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers. {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 9}
    The salvation of sinners requires earnest, personal labor. We are to bear to them the word of life, not to wait for them to come to us. O that I could speak words to men and women that would arouse them to diligent action! The moments now granted us to work are few. We are standing upon the very borders of the eternal world. We have no time to lose. Every moment is golden, and altogether too precious to be devoted merely to self-serving. Who will seek God earnestly, and from him draw strength and grace to be his faithful workers in the missionary field? {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 10}
    In every church there is talent, which, with the right kind of labor, might be developed to become a great help in this work. There should be a well-organized plan for the employment of workers to go into all our churches, large and small, to instruct the members how to labor for the upbuilding of the church, and also for unbelievers. It is training, education, that is needed. Let all set their hearts and minds to become intelligent in regard to the work for this time, qualifying themselves to do that for which they are best adapted. {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 11}
    That which is needed now for the upbuilding of our churches is the nice work of wise laborers to discern and develop talent in the church,--talent that can be educated for the Master's service. Those who shall labor in visiting the churches should give the brethren and sisters instruction in practical methods of doing missionary work. Let there be a class for the training of the youth as well. Young men and women should be educated to become workers at home, in their own neighborhoods, and in the church. {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 12}
    All this work of training should be accompanied with earnest seeking of the Lord for his Holy Spirit. Let this be urged home upon those who are willing to give themselves to the Master's service. Our conduct is watched by the world; every act is scrutinized and commented upon. There must be diligent cultivation of the Christian graces, that those who profess the truth may be able to say no evil of them truthfully. In all their intercourse with unbelievers they are exerting an influence for good or for evil. They are either a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death. God calls for greater piety, for holiness of life and purity of conduct, in accordance with the elevating, sanctifying truths which we profess. The lives of the workers for Christ should be such that unbelievers, seeing their godly walk and circumspect conversation, may be charmed with the faith that produces such results." {AU Gleaner, November 4, 1908 par. 13}


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