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The Book of Mark, lessons 24cThe Book of Mark, 2023c Companion Book to the lesson, by Thomas R. Shepherd.
You may download the full lesson quarterly for studying The Book of Mark  Adult Bible Study Guide in Kindle format from Amazon. Lesson Author Thomas R. Shepherd, PhD, DrPH, is senior research professor of New Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University. He and his wife, Sherry, have two grown children and six grandchildren. Dr Shepherd also wrote the companion book by the same name.

23c Ellen White Notes on the Book of Mark


Ellen G. White notes for The Book of Mark are  available in Kindle format from Amazon.



This Quarter’s Weekly Lesson Contents: The Book of Mark. 
July, August, September 2024

Table of Contents
# Weekly Lessons   Teachers Comments Dates
01 The Beginning of the Gospel   Teachers Comments Jun 29  Jul 05
02 A Day in the Ministry of Jesus   Teachers Comments Jul 06  Jul 12
03 Controversies   Teachers Comments Jul 13  Jul 19
04 Parables   Teachers Comments Jul 20  Jul 26
05 Miracles Around the Lake   Teachers Comments Jul 27  Aug 02
06 Inside Out   Teachers Comments Aug 03  Aug 09
07 Teaching Disciples: Part I   Teachers Comments Aug 10  Aug 16
08 Teaching Disciples: Part II   Teachers Comments Aug 17  Aug 23
09 Jerusalem Controversies   Teachers Comments Aug 24  Aug 30
10 The Last Days   Teachers Comments Aug 31  Sep 06
11 Taken and Tried   Teachers Comments Sep 07  Sep 13
12 Tried and Crucified   Teachers Comments Sep 14  Sep 20
13 The Risen Lord   Teachers Comments Sep 21  Sep 27
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