Hope Channel has a series of 6 videos on Reliving Mark  –  a documentary drama filmed in Israel that examines the portrait of Jesus in the earliest written account of His life. 

You can go to the site by touching the link or the image 


Here’s an  animated overview by the Bible Project :

Listen to Alexander Scourby read Mark in the King James version:

This is a good time to read the Desire of Ages either in the original version or in the very readable condensed modern-language version .

Humble Hero Desire of Ages in modern English.

Desire of Ages, by Ellen White

Humble Hero , the condensed modern-language version of The Desire of Ages  is a good read both for those familiar with the original book on the life of Christ and those who are looking to read it for the first time. But it is particularly good for younger people who are not used to the long sentences and less modern languae of the original The Desire of Ages . (I’ve read both several times.)

The Bible Study Guide for July – Sep 2024 focuses on the book of Mark. You can go there to see all the lessons. And you can go the the 2024c Book of Mark Category Archives to see all the daily posts and the discussion in comments from Bible students around the world. You’ll also be able to see videos by the lesson author and discussions by the Sabbath School team at Hope Channel.

The Book of Mark, lessons 24cThe Book of Mark, 2023c Companion Book to the lesson, by Thomas R. Shepherd.


You may download the full lesson quarterly for studying The Book of Mark  Adult Bible Study Guide in Kindle format from Amazon. Lesson Author Thomas R. Shepherd, PhD, DrPH, is senior research professor of New Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University. He and his wife, Sherry, have two grown children and six grandchildrenDr Shepherd also wrote the companion book by the same name.


Ellen G. White notes for The Book of Mark are  available in Kindle format from Amazon.

It seems to me that the very best way to study the book of Mark is to read it prayerfully, listen to it, and read it again, perhaps in a different Bible version. 


This page was prepared by Inge Anderson.

If you know of some good supplementary material for the study of the book of Mark, please share in a comment below. 



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