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[Thought Questions for Creationm, A Biblical Theme January 23, 2013]

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

1. Genesis 2. Do you consider the first chapter of Genesis to be the only official account of creation? What about Genesis 2? Did Jesus consider both accounts to be valid? How do we know? In what ways would the story of the birth of the earth as we know it be less complete without the details of Genesis 2? Have you ever heard why some people say there is a conflict between the two chapters in their account of the creation story? How unified do you believe these two chapters to be?

2. The Psalms. Would you call Psalm 104 “a song in praise of creation”? How did people living thousands of years after creation learn the creation story? What is your favorite “creation psalm”? Have you ever composed a song–for your ears only–about the beauty of the earth that God has made? Or is there a hymn that reminds you of the Creator’s power and artistry?

4. Job. As Job suffered and grieved from the hardships that fell on him, what topic (see Job 38) does God bring to Job’s attention? How could this conversation help Job feel better? Next time you are suffering from sickness or struggling with sin, would it help to remember God’s creative power? Why? In the last chapter of the book of Job, what happens to Job’s attitude towards God? Can you and I receive the same transformation?

5. Prophets. What characteristics of Earth makes it the only planet we know of that is suitable for human habitation? Does that mean there are no inhabited worlds besides Earth? Why do scientists keep probing space for evidence that intelligent life exists in outer space? What do you think God means when He says (Isaiah 44:24) that He stretches out the heavens and spreads the earth all by Himself? Is it hard to believe any being can be that big? that strong? that intelligent?

6. New Testament. Did Paul and other writers of the New Testament believe in Creation? How did Paul use this belief to cement a bond between what he was preaching and what his pagan listeners believed? Have you ever tried to find “something in common” with a person who believed without reservation in evolution? Imagine all of the Bible’s writers holding a seminar. As they discuss their witness and the times they lived in, do you think there would be arguments or disagreements on the issue of Creation? Why or why not?

7. Natural causes. Is God is the author of all science? Is He the ultimate scientist? When why isn’t it possible to prove a one-week Creation using scientific evidence? Why does an evolutionist have such a dim view of Christianity and the Creation story? Can Creation be proved? Is anything that can’t be proved be worth believing?

My prayer is for a special Sabbath day’s blessing for you on this day that memorializes Creation.




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