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3: Jesus’ Messages to the 7 Churches – Discussion Starters Jan 18, 2019 — 1 Comment

  1. Looking at the SDA Bible Commentary's E G White notes on Revelation 2 and 3. As I read there seems to be one theme in all 7 churches. They had a head knowledge of Jesus and his plan of salvation but no heart knowledge, no God like love was seen, heard or felt. They each had lost the ability to reach out to others and share this Good News. Page 963 of the SDA Commentary vol 7 (older edition) The bold heading calls these members Spiritual Novices. They profess the truth, may even teach the truth but have no self denial no self sacrifice. "They weave into the fabric of their character so many threads of their own imperfections that the beautiful pattern is spoiled." As we study and teach this lesson may we repent of our lack of love for the unsaved, may we challenge our classes to look more closely at the cross to catch the Love flowing from God through that sacrifice and allow the Holy Spirit to make the changes we need to make to hasten our Lord's return.


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