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Lesson 1: Crisis in Heaven – Discussion Starters — 5 Comments

  1. #5. Satan Evicted. Why do you think God has put up with Satan for so long?

    In the studies on Jeremiah, it was evident that God loved His people "with an everlasting love." But does God love some people with an everlasting love, while He loves others with a temporary love? No. God's everlasting love is without "respect of persons". God loves His enemies - even His most personal enemies - with an everlasting love, and it is for this reason that He can put up with Satan for so long.

    Every person that dies in the lake of fire will die loved... and to some extent they will all know it to be true.

  2. #4.
    ..."What chance do you and I have to withstand the evil forces of Satan that fought desperately against God Himself?"

    David declared the striking reality that his persecutors were stronger than he. (Ps 142:6) The Devil is stronger than any of us (stronger even than all of us combined,) and if we go out against him with our own weapon, how easily he takes it from our hands and turns it against us! We have no chance to withstand him. God alone can meet him and overcome him. "Christ in us" is our only hope, and with Him we shall be MORE than conquerors.

    • We must remember that Satan was so cunning that he was able to convince one third of the angels while they were in heaven, in the realm of God. Beings that were perfect and knew no sin. That in itself should be enough to show us that we can only do it "through the strength of Christ". Phil. 4:13

      • What is troubling to our finite minds is Gods for/knowledge. This is one of the reasons that questions without answers enter our minds. In our rational it is impossible understand how or why an all knowing God would create a perfect being with the possibility of what He, described as sin. We have no idea the length of time that perfection remained or even if there was a measurable time period. Ezekiel 28: says in the day that you were created Ezekiel 28:13,14. This probably was the same as saying, when or at the time..., not specifically a reoccurring time period. Isaiah 55:8,9 and Hebrews 11:1 are the best answers that I have for those type of questions.

  3. He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. Be not afraid little children. ( blessed hope)


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