Ask the Author: Christ the End of the Law

What does Paul mean in Romans 10:4 when he says Christ is the “end” of the law? Does this suggest that the law has been done away with? Find out what the Sabbath School author has to say on this week’s edition of “Ask the Author.”

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Ask the Author: Christ the End of the Law — 3 Comments

  1. Its great to have the opportunity to listen from the author of the quarterly clear insight details from the answers to questions made by the participants. Simply great. God bless

  2. A7 we were studying in the Sabbath class we read Rom 5:13-14. What time of earth's history is Paul refering to AS BEFORE THE LAW. We believe God's law was there @ creation eg the Sabbath & not to eat the forbiden tree.

  3. When I was young I saw Christianity as unappealing because I was aware that there were monumental restrictions and conditions which would hamper my pursuit of happiness. Through a complex set of circumstances (providence) I started reading the Bible and after years of study and reflection I realize that the law is not Gods way of asserting His supremacy but a guideline as to how we can be safe, happy and prosperous. At this point the law goes from being our enemy to being our friend and God from our oppressor (as asserted by Lucifer) to our protector. So while my "dead" flesh is drawn to sin, my renewed spirit delights in the law.


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