Ask the Author: Christ and Religious Tradition

Informal discussion regarding this week’s Sabbath School lesson with author Dr. Keith Burton on Vimeo in less than 30 minutes:

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You can view the same video on Youtube if you prefer.



Ask the Author: Christ and Religious Tradition — 1 Comment

  1. This was a very interesting discussion. Thank you. In addition it comes to my mind that the Pharisees are trying to cure an artificial uncleanliness with an artificial act of cleansing to arrive at an artificial cleanliness with an artificial righteousness. In opposition to these man-made measures Christ is pointing out a deep seated uncleanliness located within heart and mind (Luke 11:37-39). Only a restoring act of the creator would bring about a change of this sad condition (Luke 11:40). The restoration of a heart full of mercy and love of God would result in acts of love and mercy (Luke 11:41). This new condition would render those artificial rites of cleansing needless (Luke 11:41). Is there any message for today? Any action bypassing Gods cleansing operation within our hearts and minds would bring about an artificial rithteousness ( Isaiah 64:6).


    Winfried Stolpmann


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