Wednesday: The Attributes of Our Creator

The Bible reveals to us truths about God that we aren’t going to find anywhere else. Among those truths is that He is the Creator.

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In fact, that’s the first thing the Bible tells us about God, that He created “the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1).

One of the many fascinating things about this text is that the Bible simply assumes the existence of God without trying to prove or show it. The Bible spends a great deal of time teaching us about what God is like, particularly as His character is revealed through His interaction with fallen humanity. But it spends no time trying to prove that He exists. It just assumes His existence.

Read Hebrews 11:6 and Romans 10:17. What do they say about God and the role that His Word plays in bringing us awareness of His existence?

Conviction about the existence of God cannot come from rational arguments alone. The Bible teaches that a person is convinced of God’s existence through personal experience with Him as the Holy Spirit impresses one’s heart and mind with the fact of His existence. In many cases, people may come to believe in God first; only after, then, do they start to build a logical and intellectual foundation for faith in a God whom they cannot see.

Read Malachi 3:6James 1:171 John 4:8162 Chronicles 6:18. What do these texts tell us about the attributes of God? What other attributes of God are revealed in the Word?

Dwell on the attributes of God as expressed in the Scriptures. How many of them could you know from other sources; that is, from nature or from personal experience? What does your answer teach you about how crucial the Scriptures are to our understanding of what God is truly like?



Wednesday: The Attributes of Our Creator — 5 Comments

  1. GOD is ever present.through my experienced in life from my childhood until now HE always there to protect me and keep me safe even during the time that i had choosed my own way and leave HIM behind HE never abandoned me instead HE showed me the way back to HIM by giving me enough understanding of how much HIS love for me and by the grace of GOD I surrendered myself to HIM and let HIS choices for me be is written in prov.3:5,6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he shall direct thy paths.

  2. Personally, God is forgiving, long-suffering, patient, a God that gives second chances, merciful, compassionate, understanding, sticking close to me, never changing, reliable, protective.......and then some. Thank you God for being the same unchanging God I can count on. I am Blessed to know you Lord. Keep me as the apple of your eye

  3. I'm a teacher, I was once assigned to a place that not only as a teacher but sometimes as preacher. One time i shared the word of God to a leader of Spirit-ism. He accepted us (SDA church members) because he is the brother in-law of my sister. When I read 1 Timothy 3:16, I saw that He was not on himself and started to shiver or shudder , his eyes became sharp and reddish.. and he talked with a big very, very low voice like an old man telling "I told you already not to discuss with this people but you accepted them. You are a hardheaded, and growl" I am holding my Bible opened praying earnestly for I believe that if the word of God is with me I will never be harmed. After that he was so tired and came into his own self and I asked him if we will continue the Bible study and he replied we'll continue but this done only for 2 consecutive Sabbath day. With this experience I know that old man who talked with low voice was the devil himself. I have a full confidence in His words- the Bible and that God does not change, if he was with His people in the past He does the same today. In the Great Controversy if the devil is against us surely we are on the Lord's side, why fear..

  4. Jesus didn't have to prove to anyone that he was God's son, he was natural in all the things he did so let the life we live show that God lives In us. And in all let us live out the fruit of the spirit.


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