About Leonard Brand

Leonard Brand is Department Chair and Professor of Biology and Paleontology at Loma Linda University. His research focuses on the processes of fossilization and the geological factors that influence preservation of fossils, and he has published over 30 scientific research papers and numerous articles in church publications, and has authored three books.

The Evidence for Creation

It has been more than 150 years since Darwin published his theory of evolution, and many bookshelves could be filled with books discussing evolutionary theory as it has subsequently developed and giving purported evidence to support it. But when the scientists who write these books analyze the evidence that might tell us something about the … [Click to read more …]

What Science Can and Cannot Do

MODERN SCIENCE has accomplished marvels that seemed like impossible dreams a few decades ago. Albert Einstein determined that matter could be converted into energy, and the atomic scientists did it. It now seems common place to have nuclear power plants producing electricity. Science has come up with the knowledge and technology that made it possible … [Click to read more …]