Is Bearing Fruit That Simple?

Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. John 15:5 NLT

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Is it that simple? Can I be fruitful by just remaining and abiding in Christ?

I was reading John 15 the other morning, when this phrase jumped out at me. If I just live in Jesus I can be fruitful. Now living in Christ does not mean being idle. Yet the passage seemed so simple. I don’t need to hype up my evangelistic series. I don’t need a cutting edge technology-filled worship service to compete with all the other really cool livestream services.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s wonderful that my 91-year-old aunt can livestream her church worship service when she can’t make it to church. But let’s be careful. Vacations lose their meaning when they become all about the photo opps for Facebook, instead of the actual vacation. Do we get so wrapped up in making sure our livestream worship service is as smooth and hip as that “really cool mega church” that we forget our worship service is just that – a worship service?

Several years ago I had a Bible study group made up of non-churched youth. One week my church was having an evangelistic series with all the hip modern music, so I decided, why not take the kids and their parents to see this instead of our regular Bible study? Let’s show them we do more than just study. Let’s show them how “with it” we are. So all the kids and a few of their parents came. The music was wild, and while it was not my taste, I was happy, thinking the kids would be impressed. After the service I asked a 13-year-old in my study group, how it went over.  With shrugged shoulders he said, “I wish we would have had the Bible study instead.”

That was several years ago and I have since learned what Google has known all along. People like simple. Google doesn’t busy their home page with ads and articles like so many other search engines. They wisely keep it simple.

In Tampa I have a Thursday afternoon teen Bible study with mostly non-churched teens. Recently the kids and I were separated because of the public school holiday break. When we came back together, a high school Junior shared some questions she had come up with while studying the Bible on her own. She told me she thought Elijah’s story was similar to end-time events, and why. I agreed. Her family was not studying with her. She had no study guides. Just a young girl and her Bible alone with the Holy Spirit making amazing discoveries! So simple.

In Plant City, I have been assisting our pastor with a Wednesday night youth Bible study group. We started off playing games, serving refreshments and having a short Bible study at the end. Over time the game time has become shorter and shorter, and the Bible study time is becoming longer and longer. Not by the pastor or my design, but because over time the youth wanted to study more and play less! This tells me people today are not hungry for fancy programs. They are hungry for the simple Word of God. At Plant City we sometimes have hymns, we sometimes have the latest praise songs and teams, but every Sabbath young and old show up for the Word of God.

Come to find out, people are not hungry for particular worship styles and fancy programs. They are hungry for God. Jesus tells us if we simply abide in Him and His Word, we can bear fruit to feed a starving world.



Is Bearing Fruit That Simple? — 10 Comments

  1. Adventist should just concentrate what they do best, the deep study of the Bible and keep it engaging and inspiring. Forget about entertainment, that belongs to the entertainment industry.

    • Enter (get in) tain (retain or possess) ment (house) - The word entertainment is derived from those three words, and it is a scary word indeed - one enters to a place/ house where they get possessed... Give me the Bible instead, holy message shining, thy light shall guide me in the narrow way. Precept and promise, law and love combining, till night shall vanish in eternal day.

  2. I totally agree with you brother Kelvin. Because if this entertainment we are losing track of our bible understanding, we are copying what the Pentecost churches are doing instead of concentrating on the word of God.

    • Perhaps we are better to view our worship services not as entertainment, as you say, but as truly a time to worship God! If you participate in the praise of God it is then not entertainment! It is just an inclusive worship experience including ALL in the room (facilitators as well as the other worshippers).

  3. Thank you Lord for your words. Teach us daily to get lost in self and remain in you that we may be filled with the Holy spirit that we will exhibit the fruit of the spirit.

  4. I've always found bells and whistles to be gimmicky. Not that a presentation should be uninteresting (I enjoy and am often blessed by good music, and something entertaining in the right context), but when something needs to be said, the right listener will show up. We need to remember that the message of God is really coordinated by God, we don't need to manipulate. That's the beauty of it.

  5. Thank you Lord for our beloved brother William please keep him under your arms continues to strengthen him Lord as he bear fruit for your kingdom let nothing distract him.

  6. What an amazing testimony and I 100% agree with the simple style of learning more about God. Sometimes we humans tend to make things seem a lot more complicated than what actually is, like a simple prayer and study the word of God, become something so complex, while it is just an act of binding ourselves in prayer and then study the Bible. Spiring testimony. Thank you. God bless.

  7. Prayer has really been a driving force. Without prayer we're null and void. Always in prayer. Amen and thank you for such a great sharing.


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