13: The Cost of Discipleship – Thought Starters

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[Thought questions for The Cost of Discipleship March 26, 1014]

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1. A promise of persecution. Have you ever been persecuted? What do you think of Paul’s admonishing us with these startling words: “All who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted”? (2 Tim 3:12). What would you say if Peter was the preacher this week and said we’ve been called to follow in Christ’s steps that lead to suffering. Or [...]

The Law and Love – An Introduction to 2014b lessons

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by Keith Augustus Burton

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From the very beginning of the great controversy in heaven it has been Satan’s purpose to overthrow the law of God.”-Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, p. 582.

Why? Because the law, as the foundation of God’s government, expresses the moral integrity of the cosmos; and to overthrow that law would be to overthrow the moral order of the creation itself.

Think about it. If no god existed, and no life either, the [...]

Inside Story: The carpenter’s Tools: An Allegory

Some tools lived together in a carpenter’s shop. They were having some problems getting along, and some complained that others were not doing their share of work. They met to discuss their issues.

The Hammer spoke first, for he served as the chairman. “Brother Drill,” he began, “you and your family are so noisy. And you seem to spin in circles, but go nowhere.”

The Drill quickly spoke up. “It’s true that I go around in circles, and my work makes noise. [...]

Friday: Further Study: The Cost of Discipleship


Further Study: Ellen G. White, In the Regions Beyond, pp. 219, 220; Berea and Athens, pp. 241, 242; in The Acts of the Apostles.

Fire comes down from God out of heaven. The earth is broken up. The weapons concealed in its depths are drawn forth. Devouring flames burst from every yawning chasm. The very rocks are on fire. The day has come that shall burn as an oven. The elements melt with fervent heat, the earth also, and the works [...]

Thursday: A Better Resurrection

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Read Hebrews 11:32-12:4. What do these verses say to you, personally, about the cost and the reward of discipleship?

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What a powerful concept this passage reveals, especially in the verse that says: Women received their dead raised to life again. Others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection (Heb. 11:35, NKJV).

In a sense, being both a disciple and disciple-maker can be boiled down to one thing: a better resurrection. We [...]

Wednesday: Comparing Costs

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Corporations explore the viability of proposed projects through cost-benefit analysis. Do specific proposals contain the ingredients necessary for bringing successful returns on investments? Does benefit outweigh outlay? Another frequently used measurement is durability. Does the proposal offer sustainable returns?

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The rewards of discipleship may likewise be measured through comparison with costs. Those costs may include emotional suffering, social rejection, physical torture, financial deprivation, imprisonment, and death itself. Everyone who undertakes discipleship should first consider carefully [...]

HopeSS: The Cost of Discipleship


Current lesson of the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris. (Adobe Flash Player version.) A Youtube version of the Hope Sabbath School “Discipling Spiritual Leaders” is below. You can download the video, the MP3 audio, and the lesson outline from the HopeTV Sabbath School Site. You might want to bookmark the HopeSS Youtube channel.

13: The Cost of Discipleship – Hit the Mark

Counting the cost

From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. John 6:66

To outward appearances this was a crushing rejection – the defection of a multitude of disciples. Only a day prior these same defectors were intent on making Him the king of the nation. Their enthusiasm had never been higher as they saw in Him the potential to fulfil all their dreams and desires. Now they turned their backs on Jesus and walked away.

What happened? [...]

Raising the Standard


My ninth-grade algebra teacher graded our tests on the curve. This meant that the highest grade would be counted as 100%. So if the highest grade was 80, our 70 would be considered 70/80 instead of 70/100, thus raising our percentage and grade considerably. There was only one problem. The same girl got 100% right on every test, so we never got a break! The standard always stayed right where it belonged at 100, instead of 70 or 80. The [...]

13: The Cost of Discipleship – Lesson Plan


Key Thought : In order to be a disciple, we must discipline ourselves. We can’t police each other intensively; we need to keep ourselves under Christ and His law.

[Lesson plan for The Cost of Discipleship March 24, 2014]

1. Have a volunteer read Luke 12:51-53.

a. Ask class members to share a thought on what the most important point in this text is.
b. What does it mean to put Christ before everyone, including family?
c. Personal Application: In what ways do [...]