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Conservative Towards Ourselves, Liberal Towards Others — 6 Comments

  1. That's an amazing way of looking at things. Both the sticking my name in the proverbial 'love' chapter AND the conservative/liberal idea. I don't know why there are no amens or comments. It's 5:39pm EST. Perhaps, you've just uploaded it, I don't know. I know I just woke up and this is something to ponder, emulate, and meditate on this day. Thank you.

    We often are the reverse of this. Conservative towards others and liberal towards ourselves. Sins in others are condemned as are poor choices. 'They made their bed, let them sleep in it.' But in ourselves? 'Oh, I was tired... It was only.... It's just a bad day, what did you expect' And we pat ourselves on the back, that we're not so bad, while the evil festers in us.

    And then there's Jesus, the embodiment of both of these concepts, still 2000 years later telling us 'You've got it upside down, do it like this.' And loving us, and forgiving us, and encouraging us, and still, still, after so many failures, still walking with us. Meanwhile, he stayed human and suffered indignity, want, desire, pain, humiliation, need, privation, torment, the shortcomings of his friends when he needed them the most, and so many other things. He was conservative with himself. And so very liberal with us. All in the hopes that we would learn what love meant and join his Kingdom. How amazing. How so very strange and contrary to our basic natures. How life changing. I hope I remember this for more than just today. It's astounding.

    Thank you

  2. As I read this, it became obvious that true love must be supernatural. At one time or another, I have broken everyone of the 1 Corinthians 13 commandments. It is only God's amazing grace through his son Jesus that can free us from the curse of death to live a life of love.

  3. Being liberal with ourselves and conservative with others is a matter of love for others. Mathew 22:37-39.

  4. Lord penetrate my heart with your supernatural love because I am struggling. I have been hurt so many times now, even today colleagues are lying on me and I prayed for them but I just want to avoid them. How can I show love when I know that their intentions toward me are evil all the time? I am not angry but it hurts when persons hurt you for no apparent reason.
    Please help me pray for deliverance and for me to love as God loves.

  5. Nikki, I am sorry for the situation that one finds them- selves involved in. We need always to seek Gods help in all of our problems. He is the answer. We seek the Holy Spirit for help and guidance especially when our problem are beyond our abilities. Satan has many ways to discourage us. The battle is not ours. God bless you Nikki.


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